Man is in loss

…exception being the righteous behaviour
Man is in loss
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Man is in loss implies a state of emotional degradation resulting from flow of negative feelings

‘’Verily Man is in loss’’ (103:2)

A distinction is clearly made between the ones with faith—the ones who believe and ones who don’t.

Fear is dominant feeling, borne of negative perceptions, for example fear of future or an impending doom-death. It is only by belief, a person of faith overcomes fear, as he reposes trust in Allah (SwT) short of it, man remains in absolute loss.

Apart from fear, the emotion that may influence human behavior is hatred or malice.

Hatred and malice is the breeding ground of frustration. In the emotional pattern, it is said that reason for hatred and another negative feeling—greed is inability to achieve the grace of good behaviour and sincere action.

The negative emotions lead to a state of despondency where escape is sought in alcohol, in drugs resulting in alcoholism and drug abuse, with adverse societal outfall.

In the Quranic chapter in focus—Time (103) in Verse (103:3) the contrast is clearly provided--those who believe and behave righteously are not in loss

‘’Verily Man is in loss, except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy’’ (103: 2,3)

Faith is man’s armour, which wards off the wounds of material world, and righteous life is positive contribution to spiritual ascent.

Whatever the moral and spiritual ascent, it has to be a shared concern; Truth has to be widely perceived. And, it has to have constancy so that it breeds patience through thick and thin.

Moral disciplining borne of Faith has a healthy effect on biological system devised by nature, hence those who believe, and who are righteous are not in loss, as they remain armed to evade stress.

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