Meeting the future target

Alternative modes of electricity generation need to be put in place and popularised
Meeting the future target
A video of people having sehri (Dawn Meals) under phone flashlight went viral on Sunday. [Representational Image] Screengrab: Twitter/ @rifatabdullahh

The power cuts that began more than a week ago still persist. In fact outages have grown only longer, and more frequent. What made this disturbance in the supply of electricity more problematic is the timing; it is the month of fasting and a special occasion for the people here.

The routine is changed in this month and power outage at Iftar and Sehri timings causes more trouble than in the usual times. Whatever the reasons behind this unusual power curtailment, people are facing great difficulties.

The gap between supply and demand has grown so much that we have power cuts at a time when we would have round the clock electric supply. This is worrying, and needs special and immediate attention.

Of course, the government must be exploring options to narrow down the gap between supply and demand, but it is not something that can be done overnight.

The question here is that this situation should have been envisaged by the government beforehand.

True, one cannot predict the unusual turns in the natural and human world. But one prepares for unusual situations. The entire power supply system in India is run by extensive structures, and involves high end professionals.

It is expected from such a system that advance preparations are undertaken for future challenges. It is now a given that climate changes are going to disturb the patterns of life, and it entails more consumption of things like electricity.

The tremors in international relation are always expected, and it can any time disturb the normal pattern of transnational transactions.

The changes in the life style, in any case, necessitate enhanced consumption of electricity. All this means that the production of electricity must go up proportionately.

Two, alternative modes of electricity generation is a must. Over the years we have tried many things that can act as a viable alternative to the known modes of electricity generation.

Here the most effective means can be the solar power. The government is already incentivising this mode of power generation, and people are being encouraged to utilise solar energy.

It is here that we need to emphasise more, and make solar energy as the main medium of electricity production.

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