Mental health related initiatives

Large scale awareness campaigns needed to meet the growing challenges
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Launching of a mental health related awareness campaign by the government is a step in right direction. During the campaign, "Let us talk mental health", psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, and medical officers will be trained to identify the mental health issues among the people.

Taking care of mental health is equally important like that of the physical health. The problems related to mental health can no more be ignored. If the problems are ignored and solutions not found out, there will be more serious problems.

Going by the increase in the cases of mental illness and increasing stress levels in the day-to-day lives of people, it is important to deal with the problems more seriously. While several steps are being taken at government level, more such steps are needed on a large scale.

Scope of such activities has to be widened further. Awareness regarding mental health and problems associated with it need to be created in a big way. This awareness campaign should not be confined to some parts of the city only but must reach the whole city, all towns and villages.

More and more people should get benefitted by such awareness campaigns. Masses should be made aware about what the mental health and what mental illness mean. There are people who are affected with mental illness, but they do not have facilities available for counselling and treatment.

There are also some people, who have the facilities but they are not ready to get counselled or treated. Such persons should be encouraged to seek counselling, and subsequent treatment. If they do not get the timely treatment their condition may worsen.

At family and societal levels, favourable conditions should be created for the recovery of such patients. They should not be de-motivated in their efforts to recover. The patients - whether young or of any other age groups - must get emotional and psychological support at family level.

Positive atmosphere with positive thinking should be made available to them. If they start treatment or counselling, it should not be left halfway. Their families must ensure this thing.

The people vulnerable to mental illness must be helped to come out of the stressful and tough situations in life. Interactions at family and societal levels are important to provide the people affected with mental illness the support they need.

The government and the society have a responsibility to replace the atmosphere of pessimism, if any, with that of the optimism for the youth.

Efforts should be made that all hurdles in their growth and success are removed, and they get equal and fair opportunities in life. Such moves can also help in bringing down the tension, stress and frustration levels in their lives.

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