Migration of tribal families

More trucks must be utilised to avoid any possible transport shortage

The authorities have notified the arrangements for the migration of  tribal families from Kashmir highland pastures to Jammu. According to an order the migration will start from mid September till November through Srinagar- Jammu National Highway and Mughal Road.

A fleet of 150 trucks will be pressed into service and the local authorities have been authorised to arrange trucks and load carriers also if needed. Providing the transport facility to tribal migratory families for their migration from Jammu to Srinagar during April- May and then from Srinagar to Jammu in September to November to carry their livestock provided them the much needed relief.

It used to take them weeks earlier  to complete the migration but now it is a matter of a few days only. Their livestock reaches their destinations within no time and the families also feel relaxed and comfortable because of the facility.

It also helped in preventing frequent traffic jamming on the highway and Mughal Road due to the movement of these families on foot and their livestock.

But sometimes the families have been alleging lack of adequate number of trucks  forcing them to walk on foot along with the livestock. Such movement again creates disruption in traffic movement at some places on the highway.

Such situation needs to be avoided and it can be done by providing trucks in adequate number to the families. If the trucks are in good number then neither the families nor those travelling on highway or Mughal Road will  suffer.

All the families must utilise the transport facility provided by the government as it is in their best interests. In case of shortage of transport they must get in touch with the concerned officials to get the problem resolved.

The officials must also provide the families the contact phone numbers so that they can approach them. Any pleas or requests for transportation must not be ignored but responded positively.

If the authorities are providing the facility it must reach everybody and migratory tribal families must also play their role for this purpose.

They should be in touch with concerned officials and get necessary information and updates during the migration time.

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