Mishap at Sherbibi

Take all necessary steps for safe travel on Srinagar - Jammu National Highway

There is no end to mishaps on Srinagar -Jammu National Highway resulting in loss of human lives. In the latest incident four persons died after huge rocks and landslides hit a moving truck and pushed it into a Nallah at Silad, Sherbiibi area of Banihal on Tuesday.

The accident occurred when the vehicle was on its way to Srinagar, from Jammu. Efforts should be made to prevent all types of accidents on the highway.

The travel on the highway must become safe in every respect. While measures are being taken to improve the condition of highway and subsequently the travel time has also decreased, but paying attention towards frequent accidents is also important. There should be a mechanism so that the vehicles are not hit by rocks and landslides.

The officials, taking care of the road and vehicular traffic movement on the highway, must inform the travellers in advance if there is an apprehension of a landslide or shooting stones. The traffic movement through such vulnerable stretches should be suspended for the safety of those travelling, till it is really safe to travel.

Those travelling have no idea what is in store for them as far as the condition of road is concerned. During rough weather usually the officials try to suspend the traffic movement if there is a need, because of the possibility of landslides or rocks hitting the road.

This practice must continue also during dry weather conditions. Proper monitoring of the road condition and that of the surroundings is also an imperative. All measures should be taken to prevent occurrence of the mishaps to save human lives.

Human lives are precious. Tragedies strike the families when they lose their members in accidents. They suffer in every respect. In this Sherbibi accident, two siblings from Kulgam and two siblings from Sirigufwara were killed. A pal of gloom descended on the two villages as the news about the deaths reached there.

Talking to the media, some villagers demanded immediate relief to the bereaved families. Money cannot bring back the deceased to life but providing relief to the affected families is essential at this difficult time.

The concerned authorities must provide relief to the two families and also take measures so that the lives of people are safe while traveling on the highway.

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