Miss You My Beloved Dad!

I began to perceive emptiness in my life and in my family as well
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“And for some wounds time is the best healer but for others it is the worst killer”

Being a little kid, I could not comprehend what precious entity I am losing at the time you left for heavenly abode. With the passage of time, I came to realize that in the crossfire of conflict, I lost an indispensable part of my life.

That self oriented darling child turned to be a selfless man having nothing to lose but a couple of questions related to the cause of my devastation. I began to perceive emptiness in my life and in my family as well. I felt very unfortunate for your early departure, my loving dad!

No matter how the circumstances prevailed, I could never afford to forget you till time, my beloved. You are a constant part of my conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts. Your memories are fresh and fragrant till today.

Everything within and around me communicates me the feeling of your existence. For me you are a strong inspiration, immortal mentor, and I am implanted with an everlasting vision that you enlightened inside me.

I strived to manage the turbulent situations of life while presenting myself as your son but I could never replace you as the head of our sweet family.

My beloved, your status as the head of our family is still awaiting for your role play. I am trying my best to achieve whatever you dreamed for but I badly need your appreciation for my efforts, my beloved!               

Undoubtedly, you provided me with an identity to continue in this social milieu, rocked a cradle for me while keeping your professional literature aside and devoted your precious days and nights in nurturing me, but my darling I wish you could have guided me more. I am now grown up and I wish you can be here to let me know about my responsibilities.

Dad, you need not to drive a car for me to drop at school but now I want to drive for you and both of us joining our duties together at the same place. I wish both of us discussing legal issues together because I found no book more informative than your perceptive comments.

Can I reverse the flight of this time to spend a couple of remarkable moments with my Dad? My dearest! Come and tell me the secret of becoming a great lawyer and incredible human like you. I miss you by my heart, mind and soul; I wish these inklings of my heart can reach you anyway.

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