Missing Sports Activities

Take steps to prepare a sports calendar for government schools
School children during morning assembly in a Srinagar school. [Representational Image]
School children during morning assembly in a Srinagar school. [Representational Image] File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Policy papers may say a lot of things, but practically not enough is being done in schools for sports activities or physical education. Neither the adequate infrastructure nor the other required facilities are available to students.

The teachers and parents do not bother much about it since their main focus is on students devoting more time  towards their studies. With increasing pressure to complete the syllabus and work hard amid tough competition around, most students  are unable to go for sports activities.

Their only worry is to perform best in examinations and get appreciation at the school and at home. While studies are very important but sports activities are also important for the overall development of a child.

Discouraging students from taking part in sports and physical activity is like pushing them towards inactive life style. Instead of taking part in any physical activity, they remain glued to mobile phone screens when they are not studying. This can badly affect their health.

Sports teaches an important lesson of life to any person and that is how to handle success and failure. It has been seen that some young boys and girls get demoralised after a failure and are unable to come out of it easily. They lack the spirit of fighting back.

Sports teaches that no bad situation in life is permanent and can be changed with right efforts at right time. Policy makers agree that sports helps in developing skills such as collaboration, self-initiative, self-direction, self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and citizenship.

But they are unable to make sports a part of school activities. In past when neither the infrastructure nor other facilities were available, students would take part in sports activities. Not only in schools but otherwise also, they would focus on sports. This was an advantage for their physical and mental health. Such a scenario is lacking this time.

It has to be changed for the better development of students. Otherwise, the youth are put to lot of physical and mental health risks. It is not an encouraging sign that schools are without a sports calendar. According to reports, no such calendar has been prepared for this year in government schools.

Government officials have been saying that sports curriculum is being focused on at every level. But this must get reflected in schools also. If the officials are really serious about what they say, they must get their directives and guidelines implemented in the schools. Such a move can be in the best interests of the students.

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