Modesty or Immorality?

Being modest is actually being classy
"Every religion has a distinctive quality and distinctive quality of Islam is modesty." [Representational Image]
"Every religion has a distinctive quality and distinctive quality of Islam is modesty." [Representational Image]File/ GK


I see everything but choose not to show anything since modesty is Golden”

Modesty literally means the quality of being moderate, limited or small in amount. And talking particularly about our traditional ethos, the word modesty has been used for both the genders but mostly associated with woman in a way that Allah has created woman with fragility and frangible emotional attitude.

Being modest is actually being classy. Isn’t it beautiful to remain a mystery in a world of people who have nothing left to hide.

Describing the statement that being modest is being classy in the way that a man or woman has everything to flaunt but they still choose not to show.

Attributes of modesty can be explained in four ways.

Simplicity is one of the decisive criteria; modest people choose to remain simple in every way.

Living with one’s means is the other attributive. Contentment plays a role too here. Modest people always remain content with what they have and last thing they believe is in long term planning.

Every religion has a distinctive quality and distinctive quality of Islam is modesty. Islam globally defines the boundaries with respect to decency that are set for everyone of its follower in terms of outfit, speech behaviour and action.

A part of world believes that Muslims are forced to be modest, but that actually is not true. It preaches purity and goodness. It preaches purity of vision so that the scrutinising gaze is avoided.

While talking of modesty, it not only includes modesty while wearing the turnout, it includes modesty of all kinds including dress up, be it attitude, action, desire, love. Maintaining the limits while being involved in the former mentioned acts.

Being a Kashmiri, I do not like the humankind’s sense of adopting a different culture which we are not ready to accept whole heartedly. Why is this sense of changing our own culture developing so fast in our younger generations?

As far as I know, Kashmiris are worldwide famous for their beauty, and modesty as well. Then why is there a perception of vulgarity developing among us?

I hope we all find an answer to it soon and hope that an incident of this kind does not take place again.

The author is pursuing MBBS

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