Murder in Dalgate

Effective steps at all levels needed to prevent such incidents

A 15 year old boy was stabbed to death by a juvenile on Saturday at Chinar Bagh area of Dalgate in Srinagar. The incident sent shockwaves across the city. Police is investigating the case and the accused was arrested.

According to reports, several stabbing incidents have happened at Qamarwari, Bemina, Kralpora, Batmaloo, Nowhatta, Kothibagh, and Rambagh areas of district Srinagar in the past four months.

Because of the rise in the stabbing related incidents, the Srinagar district administration in July this year had banned the sale and purchase of sharp edged weapons and carrying those at public places.

The sharp edged weapons other than those being used for domestic, agricultural, industrial, and scientific purposes were banned. The ban must continue and implemented more strictly. The society also has to see where we are heading towards.

Rise in such incidents or other crimes is not a good sign. There is a need to stop the occurrence of crime related incidents. The society has to come forward in this connection.

Acting as a silent spectator may lead to worse crime scene in coming times. While the investigating agencies are doing their work, the society has to connect with the youth at various levels so that they do not indulge in such acts.

The beginning must be started at the family level. It is the responsibility of the families to guide their young members properly to put them on right track.

The guidance must be consistent and effective and result oriented. The decreasing interactions at family levels is a hurdle in proper guidance of the youngsters.

Encouraging them to do good for the society and avoid criminal tendencies can help in making them responsible members of the society. The family heads must keep a track of youngsters' away from home activities, and the company they are keeping.

Sometimes the bad company leads to bad consequences. These consequences badly affect the youngsters, their families and those close to them.

In educational institutions and coaching centres if any criminal tendency or act is noticed among the students, the concerned families must be immediately informed.

It is the overall responsibility of the society and the concerned departments to prevent the youngsters from falling into the trap of crimes. All necessary steps have to be taken at all levels in this direction.

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