Nationalism and Kashmir

No nation would like to see itself being associated with negativity
Nationalism and Kashmir
"For decades the security forces have been working hard to create an atmosphere of peace and stability in the valley." [Image for representational purpose only]File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

National festivals; of any country are days to revisit the past, recall and remember the events and the people that led to those events. It’s always a pride and a proud thing to do, for it satisfies the collective identity and defines the way we look upon ourselves as a nation.

No nation would like to see itself being associated with negative or hollow dignity. It’s true to every nation for it helps people to have faith in a nation they are part and parcel by destiny.

Day’s apart, India will observe its republic day to celebrate the birth of a republic, implementation of a constitution that allows an Indian to make a proud claim of being the world’s largest democracy.

An unconscious recognition of democracy, being the best order, and continuous efforts to keep a democratic image is no sin, but it’s sinful to be untrue, to be hollow in those claims, after all a true patriot has to be the one who makes firm efforts to create a nation that finds no contradictions when it looks deep inside its history and present.

The contradictions, the hollowness of the things are both open to interpretations. Either way, the point of being honest to your nation is fundamental to be a patriot in true since. It’s no exception to be a propagandist in an era driven by technological determinations, the point is how much of what we propagate do we practice in real sense.

To narrow the understanding, if we apply the most obvious argument in context of Kashmir, it’s a nightmare to any true patriot. To be able to propagate a national festival is a mere exercise to satisfy the collective consciousness, however to be able to celebrate and transfer its values is a challenge to undertake.

For decades the narrative on Kashmir has been allowed to be manipulated at the hands of mainstream politicians. Their death dance in the valley for political gains has created an atmosphere of isolation, which is why their detention in face of August 5 move was perhaps the only thing Kashmir celebrated.

Although their happiness was shot lived, as the centre released the politicians but their accountability to the nation must not be suspended for their failure to create faith in the system. For decades the security forces have been working hard to create an atmosphere of peace and stability in the valley.

Their sacrifices for the cause are unparalleled, although the opponents may undermine the argument and brand it in a different way, the point is they are the only people who have stood honest to what they believe in as a nation.

Since August 5th 2019, the centre has created an atmosphere of a completely alien system. The way of governance that’s unknown to the valley. This is always going to be a challenge to make people believe in the system.

But the centre has a responsibility to make sure that good governance should not only remain a slogan, it shall be visible at the same time. There’s an opportunity in every crisis, this is the time to start a fresh, make a beginning and the common people must not be punished for the sins committed by the politicians of past.

For the purpose, the governor’s administration in Jammu and Kashmir has been a good start. The responsibilities and challenges are multidimensional.

With able administrative head, there’s every possibility that we may see a people friendly, beneficial and cooperative system to erase the bitter memories of past experience with the system.

This shall eventually lead us to point when we’ll celebrate and transfer the values of our national memory collectively.

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