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If destructive thoughts are imbued, we end up turning into a disastrous personality
The reality that we oft, wittingly or unwittingly, shy away from is this, life is a test and ups and downs are tied to it inextricably.
The reality that we oft, wittingly or unwittingly, shy away from is this, life is a test and ups and downs are tied to it inextricably.Pixabay [Creative Commons]


Upon encounter with uneasy situations and circumstances, the apparently easy escape and the most vivid option always appears to be ‘relinquishing’.

Why does it happen? There are two reasons for its rife existence in us; one is the external unchecked heed and the other is internal fragility and obfuscation.

The venom that has been let lose and allowed unhindered perpetuation is, ‘incessant acquisition of success is a must’. The reality that we oft, wittingly or unwittingly, shy away from is this, life is a test and ups and downs are tied to it inextricably.

Everyone’s struggle is inimitable and everyone’s problems are onerous undoubtedly. Those of us who are equipped with internal mental strength, put up a resistance and surmount the troubles, enabling themselves to relish the success.

And those of us who are afflicted with internal fragility, come up with implausible excuses and often blame others for their failures rather than taking up the responsibility and learning from the mistakes done in the past.

Often, the term ‘disability’ is used as a description for those who lack physically. Lacking physically is a kind of encumbrance that troubles. At the same time, if we are internally resolute and determined, the physical shortcomings will eventually get faded. However, if our mind isn’t stout enough to act maturely in the face of unsolicited situations that erupt in our lives, we end up losing everything.

Mental quagmire is more perilous than physical challenges. Any kind of shortcoming in a person is either divine or destined to happen later in life. However, the challenge of mental hamstring is something that humans find themselves quite comfortable with.

The raison d’etre for its continuity is firstly attributed to being in oblivion and secondly to external indoctrination. Being oblivious simply means taking permanent abode in comfort zone. Comfort zone is characterized by a factor wherein in spite of pending potential we halt the ingenious thought process which at the end of the day erroneously motivates us to stop learning new.

Insofar as destiny is concerned, its occurrence is inevitable. And when despite exerting necessary effort, we fail to change things that thwart us to thrive, it’s something which can only be changed by will of the God. Hence adaptability to such destined things and possession of uncompromised hardihood with acknowledgement that everything is not under human control is the best accessible solution that helps us assuage its scathing intensity.

What we yearn to become, partly a lot depends upon our upbringing. It’s the childhood indoctrinations that make us decide our trajectory. If right thoughts are inculcated, a healthy development of a person is the result. If wrong and destructive thoughts are imbued, we end up getting snowballed into a disastrous personality. That’s the reason the Prophet said, “The best gift that parents can endow their children with is upbringing and education.”

The world is swiftly changing with almost unfathomable happenings every day. Before traversing the path of world understanding, self-understanding is a prerequisite. Otherwise our propensity to err gets very high. As has been erroneously happening invariably, we jump the gun on understanding the colossal world first while remaining through and through oblivious of our inner self.

Understanding the world is beyond a shadow of a doubt an intellectual endeavor which should definitely be pursued. Nonetheless, it’s impossible for us to understand the essence and substance of things around us with precision. In reality, life is a quagmire and mixed up things require extraordinary mental alacrity coupled with spiritual illumination for a precise understanding.

And such a thing is, partly, accomplished by being subjected to many internal turbulences which open up our pathways of understanding the world around us.

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