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Auto-rickshaw passengers suffer badly due to overcharging
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Having shown diminished interest for years together, in resolving the issue of overcharging by auto-rickshaw drivers in absence of fare meters, the concerned authorities must address this problem seriously now.

Otherwise the helpless commuters will continue to suffer and continue to pay through their nose.

It many appear a minor problem to the concerned official circles when compared to other problems, but they must realise that a common man directly gets hit due to it.

So, implementation of necessary government directives, already passed in past, for drivers is needed.

A clear cut direction was given in 2016 by the government to auto-rickshaw drivers to install electronic fare meters in their three wheelers and charge the passengers accordingly.

While hundreds of drivers installed the meters, hundreds others did not.

The directive was not whole heartedly implemented as usage of these meters was abandoned immediately after some time. And the auto-rickshaws hardly use the meters since then, and charge the passengers as per their wish.

In absence of adequate number of buses on roads and Sumo vehicles during peak hours, large number of commuters are left with no option but to travel in auto-rickshaws.

The commuters have been raising the issue repeatedly and trying to draw attention of concerned officials towards it.

The passengers say the authorities lack the interest and the will to make drivers to charge as per meters.

The passengers have a genuine question to ask that if the official can get their orders implemented strictly in other matters, why are they lacking focus in this matter.

The officials say the passengers do not formally complain against overcharging by auto-rickshaw drivers, and that they must lodge a complaint so that an action is taken.

The drivers claim that they are not happy with meter related charges and demand increase in fare. The drivers say that petrol is getting costlier by the day and prices of spare parts also go up.

Some of them admit that a number of drivers overcharge and give a bad name to all of them. In all this, it a passenger that suffers. So a call to take all the factors into account, formulate a policy, and implement it strictly.

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