Notes on Feminism

There are good feminists. And there are bad feminists, too
"The feminists who want equality in every sphere of life raise their issues in a way so as to persuade the listener to go deep into thinking." [Representational Image]
"The feminists who want equality in every sphere of life raise their issues in a way so as to persuade the listener to go deep into thinking." [Representational Image] Flickr [Creative Commons]

Feminism is a belief that stresses on fair treatment of all the sexes. Fair to mention that it’s been widely used and a meters-long processions many people have taken to in favour of the belief which, seemingly, does seem a nice step towards bringing equality in line.

With that said, the desperate masses often launch an offensive against the holy idea of feminism and come to reach a point where a lot many would seem utterly dissatisfied with the concept.

In this short piece of writing, I shall try to put forth my views about what the good feminists do, and what the bad feminists often fall into, as though deep into a virtual abyss, where the “disordered” screams hardly reach the surface and what, in turn, seem to be a stark hogwash to most of the people.

What the good feminists do:

The feminists who want equality in every sphere of life raise their issues in a way so as to persuade the listener to go deep into thinking.

What’s it that bothers the feminists? Why do they take to processions and campaigns? Or is there such a thing as inequality in these times of high intellectual property? It’s what a good feminists’ whole agenda is.

Supposing a girl is groped, the good feminists raise their voices against the abuser. Or the abusers. Totally in the context. In quality. Supposing there is an unfair distribution of payment among men and women, raising a voice against the ‘unequal’ distribution of payment is sufficient to quality the idea of feminism as being justifiable and for the greater good. Supposing a girl is stopped from wearing whatever they would like to, raising a voice against the authority that impose the Gospels of what-to-wear-what-not-to-wear on girls is what good feminists do.

Feminism is an idea that can be spread to bring the society as a whole in order, avoid injustices that the victim seem to be putting up with since time immemorial.

What the bad feminists do:

Using feminism to create divisions in society and make people believe in its obscenity is what bad feminists’ agenda is. They claim to be feminists, hell-bent on bringing the picture of the solemn concept of feminism before the public eye, on the outside. On the inside, they set to fire the concept of feminism and forcefully emanate flame out of their mouths before the people - burning everything to ashes.

Supposing an incident of domestic violence occurs, where the victim goes through rough and brutal treatments on part of their spouses. What the bad feminists seem to hug here is the hysterical approach to blame the whole lot of people that an abuser’s gender identifies with. It creates a strong backlash on part of the sensible; voicing their anger against such a biased and not-even-a-bit-thought-over think. Result? There arises a huge debate that revolves around the suffering of women at the hands of men and the sufferings of men at the hands of women. Each blaming the other.

A case in point to illustrate the forgoing statement:

The other day I was hearing a couple of people engaged in a brawl. One had this to mention: most of the men were toxic. They dominated and saw women as merely objects to take pleasure in. The other had this to mention: most of the women were toxic for the male folks.... The arguments were loud enough to bring the dead back to life from a graveyard. Anyhow, what’s the point? Does it provide us with any solution? Endless frustrations and arguments and useless debates are the repercussions of having understood the concept of feminism at a shallow level or of becoming sheer brats.


There are good feminists. And there are bad feminists, too.

Way forward:

If we want equality of opportunities among all sexes to take place, we need to be able to distinguish the bad feminists from the good feminists. Supporting the good feminists can have a high chances of vanquishing the wicked in its bud. Listening to the bad feminists and laying out the repercussions of their hate speech against a particular gender in front of them can have good results.


It’s not a gender to be blamed, but a person to be brought to book. Not all are the same. If we keep on launching an offensive against a gender, we will have to bear with the suffering of the attacked as well. Seriously. Deeply. Consciously.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK

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