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The future will be seen after the framework of the initiative unfolds.
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Around 4290 youth clubs have been established in JKUT aiming to engage thousands of young generations at Panchayat levels under the aegis of “Mission Youth”.

This is the latest initiative introduced by the state government for the engagement of youth besides government jobs. It has a wide scope for the engagement of the youth to show their talent and potential in different fields.

The main purpose for the formation of the youth clubs is to train them to work through real challenges and make meaningful outcomes. The youth must not feel alienation and segregation, henceforth have to be developed a civic identity as leaders and change-makers so that they will become socially active.

The initiative is to make the maximum number of youth (Youngsters) as volunteers to work for peace, prosperity, and progress at the gross root level. These young volunteers under the youth club mission are being trained in all aspects of government schemes. They are getting knowledge about different schemes and their utilization. 

Further empowering youth under the youth clubs initiative 2021, the LG government made a surprising announcement by taking youth clubs as parterres in governance. As self-discovery and self-development volunteer youth feel jubilant about their participation in the socio-economic expansion of their districts.

“The process of involvement in the development planning and governance of the youth will be known in coming times, yet a piece of very good news for the encouragement of the youth who are becoming a part in different government planning and decision making and will work as partners in different government schemes launched from time to time.

The future will be seen after the framework of the initiative will come to the ground. The decision of empowering youth is a new concept never as much participatory as made by this flagship initiative. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has termed the “Youth Clubs” as vital support in J&K’s development journey, enabling youngsters in self-discovery and self-development.

He has rightly said that “Youth Clubs provide an opportunity for the young generation to contribute to society and achieve self-growth, Young people are our greatest hope and through Youth Clubs, they are not only generating awareness about various employment and self-employment schemes of the government but also uniting young men and women of the UT of Jammu & Kashmir to pursue their dreams.

As energetic and vibrant partners of Panchayats and district administration, these clubs are ensuring governance effectively reaches the grassroots. Youth’s commitment to social service and national integration provides the foundation of developed J&K.

These Clubs are unique not only by their composition but also in providing leadership in different sectors and entrepreneurship commitment.” More than 74,771 youths from 20 districts have joined the Youth Clubs, which are playing a significant role in providing youth the opportunity to work through real challenges and make meaningful changes.

“Young people in these clubs, as a volunteer, regularly develop a civic identity, as leaders and change-makers and therefore become more socially active. They also learn new social skills like collaboration and problem-solving that is vital to succeed in academics, the workplace, and their personal lives. Thus, Youth Clubs are playing a pivotal role in creating lifelong change among youth and result in their overall personality development, which happens to be the core agenda of Mission Youth, which runs the Youth Clubs,” it was stated.

The youth volunteers of these Youth Clubs are provided with training on all aspects of schemes. According to the information, youth will be part of emergency and crisis plans and will be involved in the planning and decision-making regarding volunteer-led activities to be done in Panchayats or wards.

Mission Youth is focused on continuously encouraging, engaging, and mobilising young volunteers of J&K to support the government efforts for the socio-economic transformation of Jammu & Kashmir.

“Members of these Youth Clubs are also intended to act as peer modulators and motivators, besides creating awareness and mobilization for various Mission Youth schemes. The Youth Clubs are also provided special incentives in the form of grant-in-aid to support their activities. Youth Engagement programs have been convened in all districts through these youth clubs and more than 2 lakh youth have been associated with the program,” an official statement available on the web portal reveals.

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