Per capita power consumption increase

To meet the increasing power demand more power generation is needed
There is a need to establish more state power projects for enough power generation. [Representational Image]
There is a need to establish more state power projects for enough power generation. [Representational Image]File

Increase in the demand of power supply is a continuous process. So must be the increase in power generation to meet the increasing demand.

According to an official report the per capita power consumption in Jammu and Kashmir has increased by 66 percent in 10 years, and that is at an average rate of 6.6 percent per annum. This increase is said to be due to the expanding use of electric devices.

The usage of power will keep on increasing because of the use of electric devices and more importantly due to increase in population. The increase in population leads to construction of more residential houses and other buildings, which need electricity.

There continues to be a gap between the power supply and demand in Jammu and Kashmir. This gap gets further widened in winter and the Power Development Department has to resort to power curtailment programme. Subsequently, the consumers suffer.

Despite having enormous potential for hydropower generation, Jammu and Kashmir is yet to generate that much of power to make itself self sufficient. Because of this problem, there is shortage of power during winter months.

The state power projects are unable to match the requirement. The power generated by central power projects, set up here, goes outside with some percentage being provided here. There is a need to establish more state power projects for enough power generation.

Nothing wrong in having central power projects here but the electricity needs of J&K consumers needs to be taken care of also. Jammu and Kashmir has the potential of not only generating power for itself but can export and sell the power to outside states.

According to official figures J&K has an estimated hydropower potential of 18,392 MW, of which about 14,867 MW has been identified. Only 3,633.21 MW,  has been harnessed so far. Out of it 1220.96  MW is  in State Sector, 2339 MW in Central Sector and 73.25 MW in IPP mode (Independent Power Producers).

For last some years the government has been saying that significant steps have been taken for more power generation and that  because of steps,  the power scenario has improved over the years. An assurance has also been given that J&K will be having 24X7 power supply in near future.

The consumers too want this thing to happen shortly so that there is no power shortage and curtailment.  J&K must reach to a position to generate power from its projects in such a way so that the power is also sold to outside states and enough revenue generated in the process.

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