Post disaster Responsibilities

Our responsibilities, as people, as institutions, and global leaders are manifold.
Post disaster Responsibilities
Siblings on way to coaching classes amid COVID-19 pandemic during winter of 2021. [Image for representational purpose]File/ GK

No disaster leaves the affected territory, and the people, exactly the same as before it struck. And a disaster as huge and as wide, as this pandemic, has certainly inflicted deep scars. It will take much, in terms of effort and time, to heal the scars, and make a fresh start. This too when the virus is finally contained, and the world resumes its normal course of activities. Right now even that is a long shot. But whenever that happens, the journey to recovery would not be that easy. Mankind has undergone deep shaking – psychological, financial, and societal.

The effects of the breakdown at each level are not going to go away soon; certainly not by themselves. We would require institutional effort to take the mankind out of the crises that this pandemic unleashed. Some people think that once the wheels of economy start moving everything will fall in place. While that is largely true, in a sense, and without restoration of economy nothing is going to make any significant difference, but some structural changes are needed to start a journey towards a sound recovery. This pandemic has shown that the character of the present politics has some inbuilt problems. It divides mankind, and looks at problems solely through the prism of self-interest.

For a better world we would require some profound thinking to change that mindset. We have also seen how global resources are wasted in activities that are meant to destroy others. The gaps in healthcare systems around the world have shown that almost all the states are spending very less on such an important public service. Mankind would be better if thinkers and political leaders emphasise on this grave crime and force governments to spend more on this sector.

We have also seen how global issues are settled regardless of the impact it makes on the people involved. Political and strategic doctrines are developed keeping people completely out of frame. One last thing, this pandemic has shown that if we don't get serious about environment, its repercussions can be dangerous for the entire globe. So our responsibilities, as people, as institutions, and global leaders are manifold.

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