Provide proper medical facilities

Lack of facilities hitting health care in several areas
New Type Primary Health Centre (NTPHC) in Qalamabad. The centre lacks an X-ray facility.
New Type Primary Health Centre (NTPHC) in Qalamabad. The centre lacks an X-ray facility. GK Photo

The authorities must immediately provide proper medical facilities wherever needed. While there has been tremendous progress in the medical field, showing positive results, but there are still some places where such facilities are lacking.

Be it shortage of medical staff or shortage of infrastructure or non-availability of medicines, such problems need immediate solutions. Such complaints are particularly pouring in from rural areas.

There is shortage of doctors and para- medical staff in some health centres, and at some other hospitals the facilities for various tests are not available. The people in these areas have to go to other places for treatment and are unable to get treated in their villages even as the hospital buildings are there.

For conducting of small tests and X-rays they should not be made to suffer. In some hospitals, the equipment is there but the technicians are unavailable. In some health centres, the staff is there but the equipment has become defective and is not being repaired.

The concerned officials must show urgency in getting the equipment repaired immediately and the wait of weeks and months must come to an end. The progress and development made in the medical field must benefit common people in the far flung areas also.

Surely the concerned authorities must be taking steps in this direction. But such steps must be taken speedily so that the people get immediate relief on medical front. If proper medical facilities are provided in health centres in rural areas, it can reduce the burden in the hospitals in the city and towns.

Due to lack of facilities in their areas, the people in villages are forced to go the hospitals in the city and towns. This puts them to lot of inconvenience. Surely for specialised treatment they have to go to big hospitals but for smaller ailments, they should not be made to suffer.

Adequate availability of medicines in rural health centres should also be a priority. There are also reports of some medicines being unavailable from time to time in some centres.

The authorities must see to it that there is no such shortage of medicines. The availability must be there throughout the year and all necessary arrangements need to be made in this direction.

Providing of ambulances wherever needed must be done to carry the critically ill patients from health centres to big hospitals. Sometimes due to lack of proper transport arrangements, such patients suffer.

It is not about the hospitals in rural areas, even the hospitals in city and towns need upgradation. The people in villages, towns and the city must get benefited by the facilities the government makes available for them.

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