Provider of the World

…an attribute of Allah (SwT)

It is indeed an attribute of Allah (SwT) that He provides for all He creates, the divine mechanism ensures that whatever gets created is adequately provided for, whatever might be needed for sustenance, as stands noted in a Holy Verse in Quran:

‘’Many are the creatures that do not carry their own sustenance. It is God who feeds them and you: He is the All-bearer, the All-knower’’ (29:60)

The special message of the Holy Verse is that it declares how Divine Omnipotence reaches out to creatures unable to provide for themselves. The fact is well-known that there are hundreds of thousands of plant species on earth, and more than a million species of animals.

These organisms have all been consuming food for millions of years in order to survive. In many cases an organism feeds on another species.

One of the most significant aspects of Divine Order is the subject of food chain among organisms. The question remains—how, if organisms feed on each other, can so many creatures survive on earth? And, why don’t the strong and the fittest exterminate all other species? In spite of such questions, the fact stands that each organism continues its line and does not disappear no matter how weak it is.

Certain exceptions to this rule though are the result of biological and environmental factors.

Allah (SwT) in His Infinite Wisdom has imposed such a quantitative balance on organisms that no species can develop beyond the limits ordained by Almighty.

In the delicate laboratory of nature the food chain is worked out in a manner, where every species that is created is adequately provided, what it needs to survive. Allah (SwT) the Creator is thus the Provider too, besides His many other attributes.

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