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If the performance of government schools is upto the mark, it can give the much required boost to education sector
A number of schools do not have washroom facilities. These problems have to be taken care of.
A number of schools do not have washroom facilities. These problems have to be taken care of. GK Photo

The government will have to take serious steps for raising the standard of education in government schools. In past, when there were hardly any private schools in villages, towns and most parts of Srinagar city, the government schools provided a strong foundation of education.

Because of that government schools produced large number of students who later excelled in different fields of life and contributed well for the over-all development of the society.

There was a strong bonding between the teachers and the students, and it resulted in remarkable results. Because of this honest and sincere bonding, the students used to have great regard and respect for their teachers and would work very hard to make them feel proud.

Coming from any background, a student would show significant progress in learning process, and that would help in changing his life for better. Later, the private schools started their arrival - first in Srinagar city, and later in towns.

Now the scenario is such that despite the presence of government schools in large number, parents prefer to get their kids admitted in private schools. There is a general perception that the standard of education in private schools is better.

Despite the allegations of over-charging by some private schools, more and more children are being admitted in such schools. On the other hand the teachers in government schools are well qualified and trained, but they are unable to get more children admitted to schools.

The level of drop outs is increasing which is a cause of concern. For last several years efforts were made in some schools to decrease the level. Government schools can be a centre of attraction again if the teachers work in a more professional manner.

Such teachers should be also encouraged and appreciated. Necessary infrastructure must be also kept available in the schools, as there is lack of accommodation in government schools.

In some cases teachers take classes out in the open. When the weather turns hostile, the classes are cancelled. Several teachers take classes in a single room and the students are not able to focus.

A number of schools do not have washroom facilities. These problems have to be taken care of. Government schools can still play a significant role in education sector as a sizeable section of people depend on such schools for the education of their kids.

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