Ramadhan ends, blessings don’t

We have to continue charitable work and help the needy throughout our life
Ramadhan ends, blessings don’t
A Kashmiri Muslim supplicates inside a mosque in Srinagar during the holy month of Ramadhan. [Representational Image] File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Showers of mercies and blessings don’t stop at the end of Ramadhan. People who serve people sincerely, promote peace and brotherhood, and worship God with the same spirit and enthusiasm become favorite servants of Allah. Perseverance and consistency comprise the backbone of success.

Ramadhan indeed is the month of blessings and mercies. It is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed so it is called the month of the Quran. However, this month is more than the month of virtues and prayers.

Ramadhan in the true sense is a probationary training program that refreshes our faith and inculcates the spirit of humanity, generosity, modesty, and truthfulness.

It is a period that prepares us for devotion, charity-giving, and self-accountability. It also teaches us to forgive and restrain our desires. During this month every Muslim tries to get closer to God.

Is this month enough to get the favor of Allah?

No, it is not so. If anyone thinks so then it is a misunderstanding that should be addressed immediately. During this month we restrain ourselves from the unethical activities and try to shower mercies upon all creatures.

We don’t indulge in wrong actions because we deem it against our moral conduct. Most people try to abstain from a rough course of action.

Generosity and benevolence are displayed everywhere by the people. Collective prayers and reciting of the divine scripture are a common sight. In short, a complete display of ethics or moral conduct and benevolence bedecks this month.

Is this the only month in which we have to show morality and execute ethically sound actions?

No, it is not so because continuity is necessary. You can not do noble deeds for a month and get a license to indulge in wrong activities for the rest of the year.

Repentance and avoidance are a must. This is a sheer illusion and betrayal that month-long worship and glorification are sufficient to get deliverance. We have to be humble in our prayers, avoid pomposity, restrain our carnal desires and keep our promises throughout the year. We have to continue charitable works and help the needy throughout our life.

The holy month of Ramadan teaches us how to deal justly and be steadfast in our devotions.

The Post Ramadan session has begun and the time has come to practice moral conduct and build a society where truth and honesty is held supreme.

In Ramadhan, we try to do everything well to please our Lord, similarly after Ramadan we have to assist kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, the wayfarers, and the needy.

If we fail to do so year round, then the noble deeds done during the month of Ramadhan will bring no fruit in our favour. It would be a waste and a futile exercise.

It is the right time to introspect and manage our daily routine fairly. It is then that the mercies of the Almighty would continuously shower upon us and prayers will be listened to the moment we pray. A peaceful environment can be restored provided we serve God throughout life.

All types of sins except those associating partners to the Almighty are forgiven with this condition that there will be no repetition in future. It is necessary to mend our ways and follow the instructions mentioned in the divine book.

Don’t be satisfied with the good deeds rendered during Ramadhan because it is useless until a proper rhythm and sequence are maintained. Selfless and sincere efforts to help the poor, orphans, widows and the sick should be continued.

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