Reducing the weight of school bags

Strictly implement the directions this time
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The recent direction of School Education Department (SED) to reduce the weight of school bags for the children is a positive move. So are the other measures being taken along with this move.

The school children  suffer  physically by carrying the heavy bags. Some kids also develop problems  because of heavy bags. There was a demand from the parents for reducing the weight of school bags.

The authorities had several years back given nearly similar directions. What happened to those directions that now SED had to issue the fresh guidelines? Now, since the directions have been given again, it can provide the much needed respite to the school kids.

The only thing is that the guidelines should be implemented this time in all the government and private schools and that too across Jammu and Kashmir.

It has been observed that some private schools do not implement certain government orders and go by their own rules and regulations. This should not happen with this particular order. Implementation of such an order is very important and is also in the better interests of school children.

The higher authorities in school education department must see to it that the order is not violated by the private and government schools. Strict and timely action must be taken against those indulging in violation. The parents also need to co-operate.

While they will be surely happy with this development, they all need to understand the details of the order so that it becomes easier for them to act accordingly.

The school authorities particularly  must hold meetings with parents of school children and brief them about the details, wherever needed. Issuing orders at the top level is the job of government authorities, but implementation of such orders is the duty of the officials at the ground level and the responsibility of the concerned people.

Reforms in schools should not remain confined to reducing of weight of the bags only. All other necessary measures should also be taken. The problems being faced by kids and even the teachers need to be addressed.

There is an overall need for improving the condition in schools. The problems related to infrastructure and shortage of teachers in government schools must be solved at the earliest.

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