Winter Times

Dear Editor

We all know that winter is a time when the life in the valley becomes very harsh. Given the climate and the associated hardships, people in the valley are subjected to difficulties.

As the largest circulated newspaper of the place we expect that Greater Kashmir keeps its focus on the people's needs and the responsibilities of the concerned departments. That, at least, has the effect of making the concerned officials, and the ground staff, alert and active in their zone of duty.

Ashraf Ali
Main Bazar, Kupwara

Dog Menace

Dear Editor
This pertains to the most long lasting, and the most rampant problem we are facing here. Your newspaper has covered this subject extensively and there has been hardly any let up in the stories pertaining to this problem.

The presence of street dogs everywhere in the valley is a threat to life. It is now going beyond limits. We have already lost lives to this menace, and there are hundreds who have suffered dog bites.

Through your newspaper we wish the problems is highlighted to the extent that the municipal authorities do whatever they can to safeguard people's lives.

Akbar Amin
Nawakadel, Srinagar

Drug Addiction

Dear Editor
This has reference to a number of articles that appeared in the GK editorial pages regarding the problem of drug addiction and its horrible impact on our youth.

GK has been in the lead in sensitising people about this problem. I hope that your opinion pages will keep carrying pieces on this subject and help build an atmosphere where all the sections of the society get together to root out this evil.

GK should also try to interview the professional people who can shed light on this subject like doctors who deal with this problems, academics who teach such subjects, and the police officials who try to fight the rug traffickers.

Ashiq Hussain
Upper Soura, Srinagar

Education Matters

Dear Editor

This goes without saying that education is the foundation on which a nation builds its future structure. Since there are global changes happening that impact education, we must be aware of those changes.

We hope that GK through its news and opinion sheds light on the latest trends in education. This will not only enhance the understanding of the students and parents but will also help the concerned govt officials to formulate policies and take necessary decisions.

Salim Bahadur
Beerwah, Bidgam

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