Dear Editor

This has reference to your front page story titled ‘Authorities mull setting up maternity and childcare hospital in Baramulla ‘. It is such a good news for the residents of the area.

In fact the people living in this area had been pressing for this demand for too long, but it is only now that the government finally takes a note of this. Anyway, good to read this news.

As a mainstream newspaper it is the duty of Greater Kashmir to highlight people’s issues, and such news stories go a long way in establishing a connect between people and the government. We thank you for raising issues of general importance and also updating people about what is happening in the government quarters related to upgrading services.

Deen Mohammad Wani


Awaiting Completion

Dear Editor

It is a general affliction with our development projects that they miss deadline after deadline, thus defeating the very purpose of the governance on this front. The needs of the people can never wait, and when the projects of public importance, like building roads and bridges, or installing some water scheme, get delayed the people suffer.

Not just that, by the time the projects are finally completed the requirements of people would generally go up, and the project fails to serve the purpose. We have seen your newspaper focussing on this problem; even in you very recent issue you had highlighted this problem.

We also remember how Greater Kashmir did multiple stories on the Jehangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover which was missing deadlines repeatedly. It is the stories like these that put pressure on the concerned departments and they try to work for the completion of the projects. 

Nasr Gani Kralyari

Chadoora, Budgam

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