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Dear Editor,

Somedays back, as I was reading your newspapers, Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Uzma, I came across an advertisement from Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University. It was a PhD result notification. At the bottom of the advertisement, the customary line ‘errors and omissions excepted’ was written as ‘errors and omissions accepted’.

This kept me wondering about the state of our education system. The University that has been accredited to award PhD degrees is not bothered to even check the draft for common errors.

In addition to this, no one from your organisation bothered to go through the advertisement, and correct this mistake. This might be a very small mistake but can actually lead to some legal complications because they are just accepting their errors.

Hope this doesn't happen in future.

Shifa Riyaz


Development News

Dear Editor,

These days your newspaper has a lot of emphasis on the development projects that the government announces time to time.

While it is good to keep track of what the government is announcing, but it is equally important, if not more, to keep track of what happens later.

Do the announcements really turn into actuality on ground, and are the projects really carried out the way detailed out in project reports? And also do these projects follow the deadlines that are set in the beginning.

As the mostly widely read newspaper in J&K, Greater Kashmir is duty bound to keep track of all this and keep its readers abreast about it.

Yameen Yousuf

Rangreth, Srinagar.

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