Repair the roads

People face problems while travelling on such roads

A number of interior roads in Srinagar city need immediate repairs. Same is the case with some other roads in other parts of Kashmir Valley. Because of the dilapidated condition of these roads the local residents and others suffer on a daily basis.

The driving, travelling,  and walking on such roads becomes problematic and uncomfortable. Immediate repairs can solve the problem for those travelling on these roads.

The dilapidated condition of roads at times also leads to traffic jamming in these areas. Some roads were not repaired after some necessary works were carried. The residents in Nawab Bazar area in Srinagar city say they are facing such a problem at the road from Nawab Bazar to Pather Masjid at Zainakadal.

The residents said that the roads in Nawab Bazar area were dug over some six months back for laying of drainage pipes in the area. The pipes were laid and the roads were filled up haphazardly. The remaining repairs of the road were not done.

As a result, the uneven surfaces and potholes hamper the smooth vehicular traffic movement and also the movement of pedestrians. According to them, a number of vehicles suffered damage while passing through uneven surfaces of the road.

They fear accidents if the condition of the roads is not made better. The residents said that they approached the concerned authorities a number of times but no action was taken. The authorities must not make the residents to wait endlessly for repairing of the road.

Laying of the drainage pipes was required and is being appreciated by the locals. But not fully repairing the road after that, is putting the residents to inconvenience. Residents from some other areas are also demanding repair of the roads, whose condition is dilapidated.

The officials must address such problems at the earliest. The necessary work on roads is also presently in progress in a number of areas under the Srinagar Smart City Project. It is being hoped that the condition of such roads becomes better and the roads will look beautiful once the work gets completed.

According to reports, residents of some areas are demanding speedy completion of the work on roads. They say that slow pace is hampering the traffic movement. Developmental works take their time for completion. But if the work is going on a slow pace, its speed must be increased so that the local residents do not face any inconvenience unnecessarily.

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