Riding a two wheeler without helmet

Besides strict measures, counselling of violators is also important
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Do not the elders at home advise their young family members to wear a helmet while riding a bike or a scooter? Or do not the youngsters listen to such an advice from their elders? Whatever be the case, the families bear the brunt whenever their member, without a helmet riding a two wheeler, has an accident.

Even serious head injuries and deaths also occur. Whether somebody advises or not, a person riding a motorbike or a scooter must know that as per traffic rules wearing a helmet is mandatory. This is purely for one’s own safety. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of a serious brain injury, and sometimes death.

During a fall or collision, most of the impact energy is absorbed by the helmet, sparing the head. Despite knowing this, if a rider or a pillion does not wear a helmet, he is deliberately playing with his own life. It has been noticed that a big percentage of bikers and scooterists on Srinagar roads do not wear helmets.

This is happening despite the traffic police having fined large number of violators. Special drives are being held by traffic cops from time to time against the helmet law violators. The special drives, and the fines imposed, are showing little results. Tough measures are not creating the desired impact.

The traffic officials are also surprised and seem helpless. This issue needs a solution beyond the imposing of fines, and seizing two wheelers of the violators. While the strict measures against them must continue, they and their families must be counselled also.

If the families mount pressure on them, it can show positive results. Counselling at family level is always of great help in most cases. It is not about wearing of helmets only, large number of motorcyclists and scooterists do not have the licence.

They indulge into other violations, like overtaking. Traffic cops say that if the car drivers don’t drive with extra care, the number of accidents on Srinagar roads can increase due to negligent, careless and rash riding of motorcyclists and scooterists.

Those violating the rule must understand that the traffic rules are for their own safety and also for the safety of others on the roads. Violation of the rules is leading to accidents, injuries and deaths.

As responsible citizens and responsible members of families, those riding two wheelers must wear helmets regularly, and stop arguing unnecessarily if caught violating traffic rules.

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