Rotation of Earth

…Al-Quran explains the phenomenon
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Mother earth and the mountains sprouting out of it are not motionless (Jamid in Quranic idiom) but remain in motion:

‘’You see the mountains and think them jamid (lifeless, motionless); yet they progress, just as clouds progress. Such is the handiwork of God, who has disposed of everything in firmness. He is completely aware of all you do’’ (27:88)

God has disposed everything in firmness,  as the divine saying is applied to earth and mountains sprouting out of it, we may note that earth has a firm structure formed of solid and rock (the crust) while most of the earth’s diameter is constituted of molten metals and rock called ‘magma’.

There is a liquid core inside the earth, surrounded by various solid layers, finally solid and rock or equivalently mountains on the outside.

The earth therefore, has a very firm structure, as is explained in the Holy Verse, however its core possesses a very slow motion which is the subject of fluid statistics.

The reference to progress of clouds vis-à-vis the mountains is significant. It is related that clouds moving rapidly in the wind have approximately the same speed as the earth’s motion. It is the earth’s motion that moves the mountains.

Motion of earth is a phenomenon of the firm law of cosmic organization, in which two forces operate—gravitational and centrifugal force. In gravitation, all masses obey the tendency to become one single mass by attracting each other.

The other force needed to continue their existence is the centrifugal force obtained by rotational motion, which contributes firmness to this process by delicately balancing the gravitational force.

And ‘’He is completely aware of all you do’’ as He governs all things at every point of universe, as if by a gigantic network of computers. Such a system implies that every event in universe is automatically recorded in some mathematical sense.

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