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Keeping recruitment free of corruption is a collective responsibility
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By scrapping the recruitment of Finance Accounts Assistants (FAAs) and Junior Engineers (JEs) Civil by Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) and recommending a CBI probe, the government has sent a strong message regarding zero tolerance against corruption and also made it clear that there would be no compromise on merit.

Now it is being hoped that all the recruiting agencies will work honestly and there is no need to scrap the recruitments in future.

Because of the corrupt practices of some persons, thousands of genuine job aspirants have to suffer badly.

Not only the precious time of these unemployed educated youth is wasted, they also undergo a lot of mental stress and tension because of it.

While the government has assured that the fresh recruitment process will start soon, it is hoped that these youth will now focus again on making preparations and putting their best efforts. Usually the recruitment process is time consuming.

It takes time to identify the vacant posts in government departments, referring those to recruitment agencies for filling up and then the recruitment process itself takes some time.

The aspirants work hard for years or months to make it to the final selection lists. If the selection process is corruption free and based on merit, nobody has any complaints. But the corruption in such a process is very shocking and intolerable.

In past the recruiting agencies sometimes used to complain about political interference from the elected governments. But right now there is no such intervention. Still some corrupt elements kept on doing mischief and playing with the future of educated youth.

They had become so emboldened that they were doing it brazenly in the recruitment one after the other. Those officials, who were to keep a close watch, too failed in their duties.

The worst sufferers of all this mess are thousands of the job aspirants. Government had to scrape three recruitments in just two months because of the corruption. More selection lists issued by JKSSB are also under scrutiny. Reports say that if any irregularity is found, these lists too will be scrapped.

Government must not only deal with corrupt elements but also with those who failed in their duty to keep these recruitment processes free of corruption. They too must be held accountable for failing in their duties since keeping recruitment process corruption free is a collective responsibility of those in the government.

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