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A touching word from a loved one isn’t just a mere verbal utterance but a profound solace
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As I read the news story about visually-impaired woman on a solo world tour, I realized that blindness is not a mere lack of sight, but a unique way of experiencing the world. It’s a realm of sensations, of scents, sounds, and textures that only the sightless can comprehend fully.

Actually in this world, the absence of colors and shapes is replaced by subtle nuances of sound and touch. The rustling of leaves on a tree metamorphoses into a symphony of movement, and the patter of raindrops on the ground becomes a gentle percussion. A touching word from a loved one isn’t just a mere verbal utterance but a profound solace.

And yet, in this world of sensory richness, there is also a sense of isolation. A world constructed for those with sight is a lonely place for those without.

Walking down the street, we are acutely aware of the eyes that pass us by, the glances that linger just a moment too long, as if trying to understand what it is like to see without sight. What it means looking into the colorless void!

Despite the challenges and limitations, blindness also presents a certain freedom. Without visual distractions, one can focus more on the present moment, on the sensations that form our existence. The darkness can be a sanctuary of tranquility and contemplation, a respite from the tumult of the world.

We can perceive blindness as not a tragedy, but an exceptional and beautiful way of savoring the world. It reminds us that there are many ways of seeing the world, full of wonder and complexity, even in the absence of sight.

That’s why, one courageous woman, in a world that often overlooks those with disabilities, has set out on a journey to raise awareness and smash barriers. Despite being sightless, she has taken on the challenge of traveling the world, sharing her story and inspiring others to see beyond their limitations.

Her epic journey has started with a simple but powerful idea: to demonstrate that disability isn’t an impediment to leading a full and rewarding life. She wanted to prove that people with disabilities can accomplish great things, and that society should appreciate and celebrate their contributions.

So, armed with hope and zeal, she began her expedition. Starting from Armenia in December 2021, this Iranian lady explored countries worldwide, meeting people from all walks of life and sharing her message of optimism and empowerment.

Throughout her travels, she’s faced numerous challenges. Navigating unfamiliar streets and transportation systems, communicating with individuals who speak different languages, and finding accessible accommodations have all been obstacles to surmount. But she persevered, determined to demonstrate that with the right mindset and support, anything is achievable.

Her tour hasn’t only been a physical exploration, but also a personal one of growth and reflection. Through her experiences, she has come to appreciate the world’s beauty and diversity in a new light.

She relied on her rare senses to discern the world around her, from the smell of the sea to the feel of the wind on her face.

She learned to navigate unfamiliar terrains using her inner sight, and gained a deeper understanding of herself and her capabilities. Hence, realizing that her blindness does not define her or limit her.

In many ways, her tour mirrors the daily struggles that people with disabilities encounter. They navigate a world that frequently disregards their needs and abilities, facing obstacles and biases that are challenging to overcome.

But like the young lady who is traveling the world blind, they should be inspired to persist and make their voices heard by grabbing strength and resilience.

Throughout history, many specially-abled individuals have accomplished great things despite the odds. Helen Keller, who was both deaf and blind, became a renowned writer and activist.

Stephen Hawking revolutionized the field of physics despite being diagnosed with debilitating motor neuron disease. Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy, turned to be a renowned Irish artist and writer, best known for his autobiography “My Left Foot”, which was adapted into an Oscar-winning movie.

These individuals, and others like them, have demonstrated that disability isn’t a hurdle to success or happiness. They have shown that with determination, creativity and support, possibility is not Greek.

The blind lady who tours the world to raise awareness about handicaps is a stirring story of specially-abled people making a difference in the world. Her trip is a tribute to the power of hope, the importance of inclusion, and the beauty of diversity.

Continuing her voyage, as she is about to reach Kashmir, she carries with her the power to inspire others and change attitudes towards disability. Her inner brightness has much more to deliver—Darkness is just a creation of mind. The light essentially lies within us.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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