Shortage of water

Dry weather conditions adding to the problem

Several places in Kashmir are facing shortage of drinking water and irrigation water due to the prevailing dry weather conditions.

The water level in rivers and other water bodies has decreased drastically and can decrease further if the dry weather conditions continue for some more time. The drinking water shortage is a problem being faced by people in a number of areas. Both the urban and rural areas are affected.

Reports said the residents do not get adequate water supply which they used to get normally. Because of the shortage of the drinking water through taps, the people in some areas are forced to fetch water from other sources. Sometimes the water is contaminated and unsafe, leading to water borne diseases.

The concerned authorities must send water tankers to these areas so that the people do not face any problem. The water must be supplied through tankers till the time the supply from taps is back to normal. Helping people in the water shortage areas is important.

They should not be made to suffer. Failure of a number of irrigation water schemes due to decreasing water level in the water bodies is also a cause of concern. The standing crops need water, otherwise the prolonged dry spell can damage it.

For better quality of fruits, irrigating the orchards is imperative. If the orchards are not properly irrigated it can affect the production and quality of apple. This year there are reports of lesser production of apple than last year. Such a scenario has caused concern among the farmers and traders.

For last several years farmers and traders were worried for one reason or the other. Delay in timely transportation of fruits to the markets outside Jammu and Kashmir was a problem.

However, this year the government has already taken steps so that the fruit laden trucks are not unnecessarily stopped on Srinagar - Jammu National Highway and that there is smooth movement of such vehicles from Kashmir to outside markets.

This move has been hailed by the fruit growers and traders. It is being hoped that a a plan is also worked out to make the irrigation water schemes more effective in future.

Dry weather conditions can occur any time in future. Ways have to be found out so that orchards and fields can get water for irrigation. Sometimes even slight decrease in water level in water bodies affects the irrigation process.

Efforts have to be made so that irrigation of orchards and fields become practically possible and effective so that there is no negative effect on the overall production and quality of the crops.

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