Sino-American Tussle

Asia is becoming the battle field for new global power game between the US and China
Sino-American Tussle
The Russian Federation had timely intervened to block the regime change plan in Almaty.Special arrangement

Having virtually lost in Ukraine at the hands of Russia and chucked by NATO allies America is frustratingly busy hatching conspiracies to overthrow regimes in Central Asia, Russia and other regions in South Asia; those are believed to be closer to China or Russia.

The Sri Lankan regime change experiment has already proved a success where as the attempt failed badly in Kazakhstan a couple of months before through invoking public unrest.

The Russian Federation had timely intervened to block the regime change plan in Almaty.

The Regime change strategy has come up as a modern and fifth generation tool to achieve the desired objective, while avoiding direct conflict, over the past some years. Sudan, Egypt, Libya and Iraq have brought successful results for Washington in the past.

China is being besieged from Taiwan and most worryingly for Beijing, from Pakistan now onwards. Pakistan’s top military brass has quite handily been loyal to US in managing a regime change through a managed vote of no confidence over-throwing PTI government led by Imran Khan who had more proclivities to Beijing and Moscow.

As the reports pour in the military installed Shahbaz Sharief government has virtually failed to keep pace with Imran Khan’s nifty economic progress. Observers report no rule of justice in the country with the public sector boiling with anguish. Imran Khan’s long march had been ruthlessly crushed. World economic forums are ringing alarm bells for Pakistan plunging into bankruptcy.

The shocking revelation that is surfacing up gradually that military generals were found complicit in Nawaz League’s kick backs and money laundering in the past, have rendered people dumb struck. Islamabad had been warned of grave consequences by the US for getting in close proximity to Beijing.

China having great stakes in Pakistan, particularly its dream project CPEC, is not quite happy with the emerging political scenario in Islamabad. This is perhaps for the first time in Pakistan’s history when people are urging for removal of the present military dispensation.

Understandably Beijing declined sharply to give a renewed financial healing touch to Islamabad’s convalescent - sick economy particularly in view of Shahbaz Sharief’s official order to close CPEC authority of Pakistan at Gawadar.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is under direct control of American authorities has put forth very harsh preconditions to Islamabad for release of a fresh loan. This has resulted in vertical hikes in oil and gas and a worst load shedding with increase in electricity tariff.

This has forced Pakistan to seek new financial assistance which it is yet to receive from anywhere. Even Shahbaz Sharief’s proposed visit to Beijing last month was turned down by China.

This compelled Army Chief general Bajwah to land in Beijing particularly when Defense Minister of China Wei Fenghi accused Pakistan army for supporting its hijacking by the US.

Wei Fenghi also blamed Washington for smearing China and creating environment of confrontation and conflict with Beijing on Taiwan and Pakistan issues.

It is widely believed that China has warned general Bajwah of frozen relations if the US patronised regime change plot was not reversed. Russia is constantly making offers of cheap oil and gas supply to Islamabad on the condition of reversal of regime change.

Beijing has declined to make further investment in Pakistan and stressed on repayment of her loans. Earlier Saudi Arabia and Turkey allying closer to Beijing and Moscow too have not agreed to financial aid to Islamabad.

The national situation in Pakistan is taut. Russian diplomat to Pakistan Danila Ganich has been very vocal to condemn regime change in Pakistan over the past few months attributing it to US - Pak army intriguing plan.

After this, as the observers believe, US is on the way planning a regime change in Kabul. Inevitably it would completely besiege China almost on all sides if the plan works.

Asian continent being the largest one with largest human dwelling has tremendous US stakes to live with for her world supremacy and China emerging as Asian Hulk with more than double the economic growth of US is competing hard not to leave any space for Washington to fill the gap especially when Caucasus Giant Russia is hand in glove with China, and NATO alliance is gradually weakening.

The western allies of US don’t seem to rally behind US seriously for their own national interests. Washington is finding it difficult with each day passing to bully its partners in NATO which has resulted into the formation of QUAD alliance with Australia, Japan, Israel, and India.

Germany, Argentina, and Italy have been contemplating actively to join Chinese trade network. South China Sea is witnessing US-China face off and Chinese war planes have intruded several times in to Taiwan air space.

The war like situation of Ukraine might be repeated in Taiwan some time in near future and a revolt in Pakistan army may unleash volcanic situation since the lava going to erupt in Pakistan might bring face to face China-Russia and the US in conflict mode. Srilanka and Taiwan have no different story to tell.

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