The Divine Wrath

It is recorded in Holy Quran as a note of warning that an extreme of transgression of Divine norms has to have retribution. Divine wrath comes into play, the calamity that visits transgressing nations stands noted in the Holy Verse:

‘’And We rained down a rain on (those who lagged behind); and evil indeed is the rain on those who have been warned’’ (27:58)

It has been explained by all commentators that Lot’s nation (Quam-e-Lout) was destroyed by rain and this was not a flood (flash floods resulting from cloudburst can wipe off vast populated areas).

It might be difficult for unbelievers to accept that rain without causing flash floods could be disruptive enough to wipe an entire nation off the face of earth, but the rain descending from radioactive cloud could wreak death and destruction.

In early August 1945, it was seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki—two Japanese island cities shinning like emeralds in the middle of the Ocean.

We may not need scientific authentication of verses in Holy Quran. Holy Quran descended as a blessing of heavens, much before scientific revelations came to fore. Allah (SwT) the possessor of infinite powers has within the realm of His authority, the command of universal forces, much beyond human imagination.

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