The menace is only growing

It is now becoming a case of terror – canine terrorism!
The menace is only growing
A woman walks amid being surrounded by stray dogs in city centre's Mandir Bagh area. [Representational Image] File/ GK

Long back we heard about dog sterilisation programme aimed at putting a check on the population of stray dogs.

But nothing has been done till now. What has happened all this while is that the population of stray dogs has witnessed a huge increase.

We have now come to a point where the problem of stray dogs is touching unusual proportions.

The life of an ordinary person in this city is becoming highly vulnerable on this count.

To get a sense of how vulnerable the population now is, what happened on Friday this week at Buchwara, Srinagar, is enough.

On this day, in this locality of Srinagar, 39 persons were attacked by stray dogs. Since it a tourist areas, 17 tourists also fell victims to dog bites. Despite this, we don’t see any worthwhile response from the government.

It is shocking that our life is threatened by the presence of stray dogs, and each day we hear about people being bitten by these dogs,. Still no action is taken by the concerned departments.

If dogs are roaming in a tourist area, and people in dozens are injured on a single day, one can only imagine the plight of the population in the interiors of the city.

The fact of the matter is that people can neither go for masjids as they used to, because of this menace, nor can enjoy morning walks. The menace has even made it difficult for school children to walk those small distances from home to bus stop and back.

Parents usually now wait for their children at the bus stops so that they can guard their children. In such a situation, one fails to understand why no one in the government does anything.

It is an emergency situation, and an extra ordinary plan needs to be rolled out to rid the people off this menace.

The method and manner of curtailing the dog population, and also ensuring that these dogs don’t roam freely on our streets, may vary. But the purpose should be to safeguard human life.

No law in the world can strop a state from ensuring the safety of its citizens. Why this simple factoid is missed by us all. Let the dogs live, let the dog lovers live, let the animal rights prevail..... but let the humans also live safely.

Why should our children be fed to a weird sense of animal rights!!! Time to ask some serious questions on this count is about.

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