The subtleties of Conception

…only the divine art makes it possible
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The subtleties of conception could make anyone wonder, as it is so subtle a process where human intervention, whatever its extent may not produce the desired results.

It is only the divine art, which makes it possible for a female to conceive, harbour the products of conception and bear an offspring, complete in form.

The divine art, the subtle ways of nature find expression in a Quranic Verse:

‘To Him is referred the knowledge of the Hour, No fruit emerges from its sheath, no female conceives nor brings forth, save by His knowledge. The day when He calls to them: ‘’Where are the partners you associate with Me?’’ they will say: ‘’We assure You, there is not even one witness among us.’’ (41: 67).

With advances in science of genetics, it has become clear that the event of conception is an exceedingly difficult process.

The egg cell (ovum) of the female is a unit bearing about half the 60,000 biological traits to be found in a human being.

Through a special form of cell division called meiosis, the mothers’ ovum carries half of these 60,000 traits in arbitrary sequences. These are loaded on 23 ‘boxcars’ called chromosomes, of which there are 46 in man.

An ovum about to be conceived is surrounded by millions of spermatozoa, and it has to determine the proper sperm cell to complete its fertilization in a short span of time.

In this short span of time the ovum has to determine the proper sperm cell, so that the traits that determine physical features progress free of error.

For a normal human being to be born there is no margin of error. Even a fraction of error could produce a malformed baby, which is an exception, encountered very rarely.

For an ovum to find the proper sperm in the short span of time is divine art with scientific precision, a feat beyond human endevours.

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