The Utopian Educational System

Strongly projected but actually deficient
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Utopia - an ideal setting which does not necessarily exist.

A utopian educational system seems to the ears as does the concept of freedom - strongly projected but actually deficient. The current education system is ‘as they call it’-’practical’ which for my meagre analysis suits the idea.

Why not? Why not, when practical means ‘real’ to the world? Reality and its rules are followed on the basis of construction of the ‘fundamental’ and the ‘simple’ way. You are weak and are overrun by the strong. You lack and hence, you fail to exist.

You show and are judged for only what is publicly portrayed for why must practicality bother to look into the ‘true’ reality, right? Common sense fails to deductively ponder upon the idea of what’s actually ‘true and real’ or in other words-what’s truly ‘practical’.

All of this brainstorming to reach a conclusive definition of ‘practical’ is a prerequisite for criticism of the education system as it is solely because it comes with #practical. The contemporary educational system is run on the idea of ‘least effort’ concept. A seeming wreck running on the ‘jungle principle’!

Right from the point of the title, here it comes to contrast the utopian system of education with the actual one.

Now, what would a utopian education look like?

Maybe, the classes would not be sorted out on the basis of age and previous higher qualification but knowledge ( irony intended ).

Out of the twelve levels of knowledge, where would you put yourself? I would probably be a level 2. How interesting, isn’t it? Which level would that one teacher stand at who once said,” The best student is one who does not chew gum in class but only knows all the answers to every question I ask, one who submits all those practical files on time which were never practically done?” I may only wonder. Which level would that kid stand at who never got As but knew the ways of life better than anyone else? I may only wonder. Which level would that kid stand at who always got As but never learnt how to deal with reality? I may only wonder.

May be, school would not be a scary place with certain illogically forced rules which only seemed to be a way of satisfying the self and ego of none other than the ‘upper tier imposters’- a hierarchy yet again. It would be a liberal place where ‘right to speech and opinion’ do not only stay confined to the books. A place where there would be room for modification and possible change. Not a ‘No!’ or a ‘Yes’ altogether but a ‘I am listening to what you are saying’.

May be, a school would be a place where the concept of respect is well understood - that it is not forced or asked for but naturally earned. That respect does not vary for age but worth - that not every student, not every child, not every worker lies under the teachers and rulers. Not every teacher and not every student has a tag for the level of respect assigned to them.

May be, a place where the concept and application of what is learnt matters more than memorizing the facts.

May be, a place where the score which decides your worth is not publicly portrayed. A place where you are not targeted for your grades but trained to sharpen the skills even more throughout the process. A place where falling and getting back would be a part of the process. A place where falling would not be such a doom as it is right now. A place where you would have never developed the unhealthy ‘complex’ ever since your friend got one more star than you on the English dictation.

May be, a place which trains you for the real ‘practical’ world rather than the bubble. A place where ego would not be a word in the dictionary. A place which followed the motto of ‘quest’!

May be, a place where the teachers would be at level 12 or the level same as you but at a higher level of curiosity and dedication than you.

May be, a place which would not need money but passion.

Again at last, is it possible? Obviously not.

Then, what is meant by the word ‘practical’? We may never know for the world of reality is different for everyone of us. However, one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not the current education system.

Bareeah, Science High-Schooler

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