Thy name is woman

She makes this world a worthy place - as a mother, wife, sister, and daughter
Thy name is woman
"A person’s mind is spellbound by the magnificent works of art and literature like Keats, Vinci, and Beethoven that illustrate her beauty." [Representational Image] Msmagazine [Creative Commons]

In every way, women are considered God’s most beautiful creation. She has often been referred to as a ‘thing of beauty’ by poets.

A painter always seeks his muse to adorn his canvas with the everlasting charm of her beauty.

In the soothing blend of his notes and tunes, a musician finds her beauty.

A person’s mind is spellbound by the magnificent works of art and literature like Keats, Vinci, and Beethoven that illustrate her beauty.

Nonetheless, she is a rare species that deserves to be compared to these paragons of beauty.

Sadly, her majestic aura drove Adam from Paradise. There has been no greater tragedy in the history of humanity than the loss of paradise, followed by long-term increases in pollution, global warming, and declining food production.

However, the loss of paradise made man conscious of the mistake committed by his forefather, as a result he stopped whining,instead drawing most of the potluck as whatever was available he tried to improvise it according to his convenience and interests.

As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, beloved, she makes this world a worthy place and makes it a point of attraction. Imagine our world without women. It will be just like having all the star dishes on your table, but then you realize the master chef forgot to add that secret ingredient to them, the salt. There are few of us who would like to eat such bland meals. A woman is the secret ingredient of our lives that spices things up, brings life to the lifeless.

But in today’s patriarchal society, women have become more important than ever before. There were times when she was buried at her birth, and she was made sati if her husband died before her.

Transitions do occur, altering our way of thinking and living, leading to a metamorphosis of sorts. Today’s women are not unwelcome members of their families nor are they still subjected to the trials and tribulations of days gone by. She is no longer a devdaasi or damini, nor a ‘shayar ki ghazal’ or a ‘jheel ka kanwal’.

Man’s contribution to projecting women larger than the picture itself cannot be underestimated. In response, he has discarded stereotypes to create more appealing role incumbents for women. The homemaker, child-rearing, family responsibilities, etc. are not what appeals to men anymore. Surprisingly, he has discovered alternative ways to do these things.

The man has even messed with nature, exploiting science to a great extent, and he does have a choice. It is possible for him to replace a woman with another woman, one the biological parent, and the other the intended parent. Where she should have been, she was sent packing and placed in lucrative and glamorous roles where a man could benefit the most.

Unless it has that special spice, women, entertainment and show business cannot run successfully on their own. No matter how intelligent the movie is, in Bollywood at least, it needs that special item number to win over the audience, or else the film will simply fail at the box office.

Most often, brands come up with marketing campaigns that feature women as the protagonists delivering the core message. In fact, if you fail to project or identify your product with her presence, your chances of winning the fiery ad wars are slim. . Be it a car, men’s cologne, men’s cream, toothpaste, etc, a man cannot even sell his inner garments without her.

“Men will be men” is one of the most popular taglines of a reputed brand, and it blatantly admits that men will not stop ogling and doing everything to catch the eye of a woman. Despite this, a woman is known for her frailty. What an irony ! She continues to be subjected to victimization, oppression, and more.

Instead of blaming someone for something as Adam did, a woman needs to make intelligent choices. She may choose to be the spice ingredient or the main course of the meal. If a man learns to swallow bland food, a woman will lose paradise forever. Women are not only a thing of beauty, but also joy forever, as rightly said. She just needs to understand that.

(The author is Kashmir Bureau Chief of Jammu based English newspaper)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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