Time to act is now

If the world has to be saved, minds must get going
Time to act is now
Deserted view of Srinagar city amid curbs to contain COVID-19. [Image for representational purpose only]File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

The last two years were almost entirely consumed by the pandemic. Our generation saw its worst times where people everywhere faced a frightening situation.

We saw horrible scenes of people dying in numbers, businesses vanishing overnight, and desolation spreading country after country in a matter of days. These were scary times, and the impact still lingers.

The devastation that this pandemic has brought to the global systems of business and governance is something that is yet to be fully grasped. In fact the analysis that is now happening tells us a very sad tale.

The world is headed towards a multilayered crisis, if some radical thinking doesn’t come to our rescue. During the pandemic we have seen loss of jobs in millions. We have seen high, medium, and low end businesses shutting down, or facing significant reduction.

We have witnessed a carnage in terms of loss of livelihood. All this has given rise to a full scale socio-economic crisis globally.

Those who have a grasp over the global trends are fearful of the consequences of such a situation. The prospects of employment are diminishing.

The mental health of people is under a vicious assault because of the crisis in economy. The politics and its operation in local and global spaces is getting adversely impacted.

The new patterns of competition among global powers is adding to the already accumulated crisis.

There are chances that if confrontationist policies are not rolled back, the world can any moment slip into a dangerous military confrontation that would involve multiple countries.

That would spell a doom to the current socio-politico-economic systems that have been in place for a long time now. This scenario demands a serious reflection, at a grand scale.

If the world has to be saved, minds must get going. The political leadership around the globe should now sit down, and make serious attempt to ward off threats that are looking us straight in the eye.

Any failure on this count would cost mankind too dearly. If the future of our children is to saved, there is no other alternative than to act now, and act in the interest of mankind.

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