Time to de-stress

Let us raise our hands and pray to the Lord of this universe for deliverance from the present crises
Time to de-stress
Women devotees supplicate after Fajar (Dawn) prayers at Dargah Hazratbal. [Representational Image] File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

The religious side of Eid is actually thanksgiving. We thank our Lord for having gifted us with a month of fasting that gets us closer to Him.

That is the spirit of this day. But besides this, Eid has a cultural side to it.

That is why, we have rituals associated to this occasion that have nothing to do with religion per se.

Muslims in different parts of the world have diverse ways of celebrating this day. The cultural richness of this day involves cuisine, dress, social interactions, party functions, holidays, hang outs.

To make it a moment of joy families gather, friends meet, and we all visit relatives. This human side of a festival like Eid we need the most in the present atmosphere of stress and anxiety.

We all are victims of the pressures of modern life. Our routine has become excessively coercive. In fact, it doesn’t allow us to breathe freely.

So Eid is the time to inhale some fresh air, and steal a moment or two exclusively for ourselves, and our families. At a time when we are besieged by the anxieties engendered from pandemic, may this occasion bring a broad smile on all the faces.

For past two years this pandemic has devastated the functioning of human relationships. We have stopped meeting people the way we used to. We have put on hold many gatherings that were otherwise a routine.

In fact the crisis in economy has brought sorrows and dejection to millions of families.

The apprehensions about further economic troubles cause deeper gloom amidst us. In this atmosphere an occasion like Eid is a real Godsend.

Let’s calm our souls, and enjoy this time with family and friends. Let’s monetarily, leave behind all our worries, and repose trust in God.

Let raise our hands and pray to the Lord of this universe for deliverance from this crisis.

To all our readers, wishing a great occasion. And also praying for the strengthening of human bonds in our society. Greater Kashmir wishes you a great celebration. Eid Mubarak.

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