Timely redress of grievances

Delay in solving people’s problems adds to their woes
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The government machinery on the ground should be quick to redress the grievances of the common people. The masses should not be made to suffer due to delay in the solution of their problems.

The residents of several villages of Mawer area in Handwara allege that they are without the drinking water supply (through taps) for last 10 days.

The residents say that their demand to provide them water through tankers till the problem is resolved was not also met. It reflects the callousness of the officials of the concerned department.

Not only these villages in Handwara face drinking water shortage, people in other areas also have faced the same problem this summer.

The officials in the concerned department need to be quick in ensuring restoration of water supply. Delaying the restoration on one pretext or the other adds to the woes of already suffering people. If there is shortage of ground staff, the department must strengthen the manpower by recruiting more people.

Due to the increase in population, the city, towns and villages have expanded. The workload on the ground staff has also increased. If there is shortage of manpower, it should be taken care of.

If there is no shortage and the people are deliberately made to suffer, serious note should be taken of it, followed by proper action against those responsible for it.

It is not about Jal Shakti (PHE) Department only, the other departments too must be quick in solving the problems of common people. The government officials should not wait for the problems forst to get highlighted in media or social media and then only act.

There is a sizeable section among the population, which suffers due to non-redressal of their grievances. They say they suffer not only because their problem are being taken lightly but also because they do not have access to those who matter.

The ground staff of several departments are fully aware about their problems, but still those are not solved. May be due to carelessness, deliberate tactics or due to corruption reasons. Such a bad trend should be immediately put to an end.

If such matters come into the notice of higher authorities, those should not be put to back-burner but solved on priority basis.

The officials in the government departments should not always wait for the intervention from higher authorities in the matters, which they are bound to do as part of their job. Efforts should be made to make the life of common man easier by solving his problems on time.

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