Tough Times, Testing Times
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Tough Times, Testing Times

Each one of us possesses the strength to defeat their problems and move on

BY Syed Sahab U Din Andrabi

Deformity, infirmity and lack of physical strength are some elements with which a human being is always tested by the creator. What we traditionally call physical disability is actually a speciality with which an individual is tested. I was born in August 1997, as I grew up, certain diseases started taking effect in my body. I was diagnosed with Genu Valgum, polydactyly and Achondroplasia.

With all these specialities I faced a plethora of disillusionments in my childhood. People used to perpetually make fun of me, and put me down. This social stigmatization was horrendous for me. As a direct result of this social stigmatization, hatred, resentment and antipathy for developed in me.

With the passing of time, the illness in my legs (Genu Valgum) intensely escalated. Upon consultation with the doctors of Amandeep Group of Hospitals Amritsar, I decided to operate my knees to efface the deformity. On 1 March 2021, I had the first knee surgery. My concerned doctor, Sudhanshu Bansal treated me very affably and dealt with my case with utmost precision. My other knee is expected to be operated upon after 3-4 months.

The reason why I write this is that many people, who happen to be in their hard times or face a hard knock, think of giving in against the tests they encounter. Each one of us possesses the strength to defeat their problems and move on. But the thing is that we haven’t ascertained that strength nor do we even strive to do it.

I acknowledge that there are certain problems and issues which human beings construct themselves and upon getting irked blame it on the creator-that is a customary normal. Whenever you face a problem, if the problem is solvable and bearable then note that this is from Allah but if you have a problem that is frustrating, then recognize that this is a self-constructed problem.

Fundamental distinction between self-constructed and Divinely sent problem.

1. Divinely sent problem teaches us new lessons of life, while as self-constructed problem frustrates and reduces our strength and morale.

2. A divinely sent problem is adorned with wisdom in it, while as the self-constructed problem is futile and wastes our time unnecessarily.

3. A divinely sent problem makes you grateful of Allah and His blessings, while as self-constructed problem only motivates you to rely on material apparatus for the solution of your problem.

4. A divinely sent problem compels you to follow the straight and righteous path and takes you closer to Allah, while as the self-constructed problem prevaricates you from the straight path.

5. In a divinely sent problem, connection of dots is easy and accessible, while as the self- constructed problem is sporadic and frustrating, it takes you nowhere.

More often than not people yearn to live a normal life. A life without any turbulence. A life without any moil and furore. These thoughts are against the basic norms of human development and enlightenment. To be a complete human being with vivacious soul inside, hard knocks, failures, tests and turbulence are important, otherwise a person does decay.

What cannot be cured must be endured. Give you 100% to solve a problem, if it doesn’t happen, endure it with fortitude and patience and penitently turn to Allah requesting His mercy, blessings and forgiveness.

(Author is a Law Student)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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