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Our society must understand the right place of women
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The behaviour a person extends to others, but the biggest misfortune of our society is that we want it to be good to us, while we do not want to do good to others. Every person wants his daughter to be respected, but he does not respect his wife who is also a daughter of another person.

It is said that if a person receives prayers of four people in this universe, he will never fail. Those four people are two of his parents, mother and father,  and mother-in-law and father-in-law.

The first two pray for him, but from the other two, he will receive a prayer by treating his wife well. Now there are two aspects of this prayer. One aspect is that if his wife does not complain about him to her mother, then he will receive prayer from his mother in law.

It is said that there is heaven for children under the feet of the mother. Now the heaven of the children of a person is in the feet of the wife of the same person. Why does he forget that he is ruining the paradise or heaven of his own children by ill treating or misbehaving with his wife.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy and prosperous body. When a woman is happy, she will be healthy, and the healthier a woman is, the better she will take care of her children.

When a woman is healthy and prosperous, her mind is healthy and strong, and all the abilities of a prosperous woman are high. According to modern research, children who are taken care of by the mother in terms of education, get the most beautiful positions in this universe.

It is clearly written in the books of every religion that in a house where a woman is happy and prosperous, the mercy of Allah will shower on that house. The mercy of God is the greatest blessing for man because everything can be obtained from this mercy.

Thus, a man deprives his house of the mercy of Allah by oppressing and abusing his wife. It is no less than heaven because all its people have the opportunity to live a peaceful life

When a mother brings up her daughter by educating her and developing the best abilities in her, she entrusts her to a strange man forever. He does not even realize the efforts of more than twenty years of his mother in law, and in a few minutes takes away her peaceful life from a woman forever, which is a great injustice before the Almighty.  

When a man sees his wife working hard on his children, even then he does not realize the hard work his mother-in-law has done on nourishing and bringing up her daughter who is now his  wife.

Behind any man's success there is always a woman's hand, because the wife spends a good part of her life with the man. With the efforts of a woman, a man can become successful. It proves that a man prevents himself from becoming successful by oppressing his wife.

The purpose of writing this article is that the men of our society understand the place and importance of women; and the benefits of respecting women. The harms of violence against women should also be told.

If fact, a committee should be formed in every village for the welfare of women, consisting of good and honest people, who are responsible for the peace of women. Stricter laws should be made to punish those who oppress women. There will be a wonderful environment, every house will be peaceful.

The author is Chief Education Officer Srinagar

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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