Un-electrified areas

Electrify the un-electrified villages on priority basis
The students would be badly suffering there.
The students would be badly suffering there.File/GK

In this age when so much progress has been made in every sphere of life, keeping several areas un-electrified is unimaginable. This also affects the image of the government efforts to provide electricity to all villages.

There are lapses or delays at the government level because of which a number of areas are still un-electrified and such issues need to be addressed. In fact the work to electrify the un-electrified areas should be done speedily, on priority basis.

The concerned officers must for sometime imagine their life without electricity for several days. Their lives, work and schedule will get affected badly. Keeping the people, who have no access at government level, deprived for long of electricity is not good.

The students would be badly suffering there. The style of working with a slow pace in government departments has to go now. Because of this style common people suffer the most.

Sometimes, at some offices, they are endlessly made to wait for solutions of their problems, and such an approach also results in corruption.

While efforts are being made at top government level to help the common people to get their problems solved, the efforts can succeed to a greater extent when the officers and other employees work with sincerity and enthusiasm.

The government officials should not always wait the higher authorities to make them accountable for their work. They must themselves work with dedication and honesty and do the public service efficiently. According to reports, Wandaji, a remote village in Budnamal area of Kupwara district, continues to be un-electrified.

The people genuinely feel bad on seeing other villages electrified and their area without electricity. Their only hope is the assurance by some officials that their households too will get electricity supply after winter.

It is being hoped that the officials keep their promise and would not unnecessarily drag the issue for more years. It is not about Wandaji only, all un-electrified areas in Jammu and Kashmir must get proper attention.

The people too must raise such issues with higher authorities and pursue their demands till those are settled. On the other hand, the government must also ensure better power supply in electrified areas in winter.

There are reports of deep power crises in some far flung areas. This problem has to be solved with more effective measures.

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