Understanding Saudi-Iran Rapprochement

A trap for Iran or a harbinger of the Malhama - Third World War?
Yemen is a perfect example for the world to fathom how hypocritical the western rulers are and how unjust the western systems engulfing the world are.
Yemen is a perfect example for the world to fathom how hypocritical the western rulers are and how unjust the western systems engulfing the world are. Special arrangement

Despite the pervasive implementation of a wrong epistemology across the globe which primarily stresses on gaining knowledge through external observation only, many a time events happen that completely take us aback and make humans beings realise of their deficiencies and helplessness. 10th March 2023, a day that surprised the Muslim world more than it surprised the rest of the world.

Saudi Arabia and Iran decided to restore ties in an engagement and agreement brokered by China, is something that is of critical Importance for the Muslim world insofar as Islamic eschatological process is concerned. The general apprehension is that the only party that is on the receiving end in consequence of this alliance between Saudi Arabia and Iran, is Israel.

As is known to everyone, Israel and her insolent accomplices have been successful enough in fanning the flames of dissension and hatred amongst the Muslims and thereby exploiting the differences that exist between Shias and Sunnis to their advantage, to the hilt.

After Ayatollah Khomeini (May Allah have mercy on his soul) seized power way back in 1979, much of the Muslim world was happy and sympathetic towards our brothers in Iran and towards what was happening over there then.

Since revolution is the core philosophy that Quran posits, bringing it about at a time when the western education philosophy was indoctrinating much of the Muslim world into believing that Islam is an antediluvian philosophy that held no pertinence in the 20th century and won’t do so in future also, the Iranian Revolution amply presaged how enfeebled the foundations of the Modern Western Systems are.

So far things were going well. Nonetheless, relations of Saudi Arabia and Iran led by Ayatollah Khomeini started severing only when Khomeini talked about the importance of and need for the imitation of Iranian style political revolution in other West Asian countries.

This uncalled-for statement of Khomeini was later used for debilitating Iran by the US and her allies through their proxy Saddam Hussain, in Iran-Iraq war. To their dismay, the US and her allies failed at it. They couldn’t annihilate the Iranian leadership. Thanks to Allah!

Since then, Iran has become a tough nut for the US and her allies to crack. It has given them tough time even in Yemen. Yemen is a perfect example for the world to fathom how hypocritical the western rulers are and how unjust the western systems engulfing the world are.

Yemen stands devastated by those ruling Saudi Arabia. How ominous! Saudi Arabia and her allies have substantially been succoured by the west in upending Yemen with the ultimate purpose of containing Iran’s influence abroad. But in Yemen too, humiliation became their destiny. How hypocritical of West Asian Muslim countries! You take help of others against your own Muslim brothers?

Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly choose to assuage tensions with Iran? There are numerous views that attempt to explain why Saudi Arabia has, out of the blue, let go of all the acrimony they have been harbouring and nurturing post Iranian Revolution. Some of them may be right, some may be wrong, some may be partially right and some entirely wrong. Having said that, I also hold an opinion. However, my opinion may seem to many International Relations experts breaking the conventional norms of defining the behaviour of the states. Be that as it may, I respect their views without accepting them. And I sincerely believe that any explanation given on this subject that is bereft of assistance from the Quran and the Traditions of the Prophet (SAW), will not hold water for far too long. An explanation can only be germane and true if its foundation is strong and if it’s based on truth.

Cutting corners, I anticipate that there are two possibilities in consequence of this rapprochement. First is, there is a possibility that this is a trap for Iran. Since Iran has throughout remained undefeatable and unconquerable and it’s next to impossible to turn it into a puppet state, there is a possibility that Israel and the USA might have contacted Saudi Arabia, of course mysteriously and clandestinely, and instructed her to restore ties with Iran? But why would the US and Israel do so? And more important why would Saudi Arabia agree to it? Insofar as the US and Israel are concerned, in foreign policy matters, as has been amply proven, America does what benefits Israel.

And Iran is extremely significant to Israel insofar as the arrival of their “promised Messiah” is concerned. Zionists believe that Iranian submission or Iranian collapse will precipitate the arrival of their awaited ruler. That is the reason Israel targets Iran so ruthlessly.

To me, Saudi Arabia will break this alliance in the near future after it has become successful in luring Iran into a trap premeditated and designed by Israel with the support of the US.

Hence leaving Iran completely vulnerable and allowing no time to Iran to prepare its defence properly by trapping her to stabilize her weakening economy. Insofar as the question what does Saudi Arabia gain from following the US dictates is concerned, I think the answer is pretty much clear to everyone.

The furore over the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi exposed the Saudi Government completely. And that became one of the main reasons why Biden Administration backed down from supporting MBS, apart from salvaging the American wealth which was being wasted on a country that has been doing so little, according to those at the helm in the US, to serve the US interests. It’s very probable that Saudi Arabia is given this one last opportunity whereby all her sins will be expiated and which will eventually lead to the unlimited “benevolence and blessings upon the KSA”.

Another possibility that I surmise is, this alliance will, at long last, snowball into a chain of alliances amongst all the Muslim West Asian countries against a common enemy-Israel and the West. China, Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan will also join forces with the West Asian countries, resulting into commencement of a series of combats between the Muslim World and the ‘infidels’, broadly known as World War III. Humans are fallible. I may be wrong on this. But only future course of events validates or invalidates a prognosis. If this is proven correct, it’s a testament of the veracity of the Holy Quran and the Traditions of the Prophet (SAW). If this is proven incorrect, consider it my fault.

Author is a final year Law Student, JMI, New Delhi

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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