Unemployment: Path to Depression

With a positive mind any difficulty can be surmounted
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After the schooling, and completing higher studies, we are officially out of the education system. Schools, colleges, and universities are places that provide us a sense of purpose of the life.

After getting degrees we search for jobs, Govt or private. But due to non availability of jobs most of the degree holders undergo depression. In fact, this is not end to the life, and one should not lose hope.

As such we have to change our thinking, otherwise we will fall prey to severe forms of depression. This is a vicious cycle of depression which makes youth more handicapped and are unable to do any thing because they always remain in search of job, and when they fail to get it they fall prey to difficult stages of depression.

As we know in view of the COVID-19 Pandemic the unemployment has exacerbated; more people around the globe have lost their jobs because of this very pandemic and have undergone depression.

According to the latest edition of the ILO Monitor, 114 million jobs were lost in 2020, which, in combination with working-hour reductions within employment, resulted in working-hour losses approximately four times as high as during the financial crisis in 2009.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that the working hours lost in 2020 (compared to pre-pandemic levels) were equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs, leading to $3.7 trillion in lost labor income.

That’s even higher than the worst-case estimate made in spring 2020, when the (ILO) had predicted lost labor income between $860 billion and $3.44 trillion for the entire year.

Almost every body who is jobless is facing depression. Jobless makes people feel rejected, stressed, anxious and overall pessimistic about their future. It is this stage where from the jobless youth can fell prey to drugs and other kinds of unhealthy activities.

One should realise that this kind of depression can further inhibit your job search; just stop this virus of depression and come out of these feelings. Do not lose hope, believe in yourself that you are going to get a job or otherwise you can start your own small scale business unit.

Just believe in yourself that you can, just be confident, don’t feel low and never get disappointed. Don’t lower your self esteem for being rejected for a job; your confidence in your abilities.

Negative feeling about your abilities, confidence, and courage affect your overall mind set which invites the virus of depression and this virus also affects other areas of your life. In fact a jobless man is worried about how to support family and how to run the family.

Remember, never lose hope. What you need to do is to work hard for your comfort. If you are unemployed and have financial problems at present, think in future these are going to vanish. Just if you struggle and work hard for your better future.

Hence, “what is something you can do today that to achieve the dreams and to make the life comfortable and the world a better place? Go and do it”.

Just sticking to negative thoughts would never result in the any disappearance of problems of life. You need to stand up and struggle for better life. In our holy Quran it has been mentioned that one should never be disappointed from blessings of God.

Hopelessness has been declared as unfaithfulness, so why to worry. God helps those who help themselves. Let all unemployed degree holder standup and struggle for better tomorrow.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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