Universe says Thank you Shrimataji

A Tribute to Shri Mataji by the Trustees of The Life Eternal Trust Delhi
March 21st is the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji and we desired to have a mega event on this day.
March 21st is the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji and we desired to have a mega event on this day.Special arrangement

Few things make our life as a Sahaj Yogi very special; our self realisation, our awakened Kundalini and our state of Nirvichar Samadhi. But when we look back and see the Sadhna and Tapasya we do to achieve all this, it is almost negligible.

Now if we recall, we got our self realisation by the grace of Shri Mataji in a “fraction of second” just because we desired that - “we should get our self realisation”. And we were told - “just ask and you will get your self realisation”. After self realisation we are like any other normal human being but with extraordinary powers and a sense of awareness.

We got it very easily but not everyone else in this world would. This is possible only and only because of our Mother, Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. Millions got realisation all across the globe with simple prayers and just sitting before the picture of Shri Mataji.

March 21st is the birthday of our Divine Mother who gave birth to this whole humanity; this was the day she came on this earth in Her complete form and powers.

Out of a 7.5 billion global population, we were chosen for self realisation. We got our self realisation, our chakras are settled. We are dharmik and living a normal family life. All these miracles are happening only and only because of Shri Mataji.

March 21st is the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji and we desired to have a mega event on this day. On Ganesh Puja we have started our Centenary Celebrations.

Centenary Celebrations part one started with the work of spread of Sahaja Yoga because our challenge was big as we have to give self realisation to the remaining 7.5 billion population of the world. We started district level programs which converged to a big State Level Public Program on March 18, 2023 at India Gate Delhi.

Shri Mataji, we are committed to tell the world about the Kundalini awakening and incarnation of Adi Shakti.

Shri Mataji you have to promise us that you will give us strength and honesty to spread Sahaj Yoga to the whole universe. Shri Mataji, I would like to say:

We are thankful to Her Holiness for her grace, affection and blessings to us. We are a fortunate generation who could see Shri Mataji and felt the proximity time to time. Shri Mataji it’s difficult to say anything about you because you are beyond words.

We fear whatever we speak and all will be small in front of your stature. We want to be silent on the part of blessings. You have given everything and only everything is the complete word. Without you we are nothing. Mother a very happy birthday to you .

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