Unscheduled power cuts

Minimise the unscheduled power cuts and provide better power supply
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Reports from different parts of Kashmir say that with every passing day the frequency of unscheduled power cuts is increasing now. This has started irking the consumers.

Despite the directions from the government to the Power Development Department (PDD) that unscheduled power cuts must be avoided, and that the announced power curtailment programme should be strictly followed, the unscheduled power cuts do occur.

Various sections of society have been conveying their displeasure to the PDD in this connection. They say if the frequent unscheduled power cuts are inevitable then why the curtailment programme was announced.

On the other hand the PDD authorities say that they are trying to strictly follow the curtailment programme but sometimes the unscheduled power cuts become unavoidable.

They say this particularly happens during the peak hours when a section among the consumers in metered and non-metered areas try to use power excessively. The officials said that if the consumers use the power judiciously, then the frequency of power cuts would automatically get reduced.

According to them, the power pilferage further complicates the problem. Even as the teams of PDD go for inspection and take action against those indulging in such acts, they cannot reach each and every area all the time. The officials say that all the consumers must behave like responsible citizens and use power in a judicious way.

Surely consumers should act responsibly and must not do things which lead to power crisis. However, PDD on its part must also take measures to provide better power supply to consumers. The overall power scenario has to be improved.

The authorities were already assuring a better power supply this winter compared to winters in past due to improvement in power sector. The improvement must get reflected in the power supply during winter. Winter is always a testing time for PDD and its statements and assurances regarding improvement in power.

Kashmir having enormous potential for power generation must generate power so that there is no shortage or crisis here. There is immediate need to make Jammu and Kashmir self reliant in this direction.

All necessary steps should be taken. More power projects must be set up here. The need for buying power from outside must come to an end.

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