Walnut harvesting

Strictly adhere to safety tips

The walnut harvesting is presently in progress in Kashmir. The growing of walnuts and the related trade adds to the economy. Much before the apple production and trade took roots on large scale in Kashmir, the walnut growing and trade was an important source of income for the people.

However, as the apple growing gained huge popularity, the walnut production started losing its place. Since the apple production later became costly and the trade started getting affected one way or the other, the people did not completely abandon the walnut production.

Now there seems a realisation among the farmers to preserve whatever walnut orchards have been left. Thousands of people are associated with the harvesting and business of this fruit. As the harvesting season begins it bring cheers to the walnut farmers.

But the risky nature of the walnut harvesting also makes them concerned over the safety of those who climb on the tres. Every year reports keep on pouring from different parts of Valley regarding the fall from trees of those who climb on trees for beating or thrashing of the walnuts and their branches with long sticks. Sometimes they receive serious injuries and have to be hospitalised.

Loss of lives also occurs in such mishaps. According to experts these incidents occur as most farmers continue to go by the old practice of walnut harvesting. No safety measures are used and the results are there in the form of deaths or serious injuries.

Sometimes the services of inexperienced persons are utilised and it becomes more problematic. The concerned officials have been issuing guidelines for safe harvesting. But much to their dismay the safety measures are hardly adhered to, leading to mishaps.

According to the safety measures only experienced and trained persons should climb the walnut trees during harvest.

They should use helmet and tie a safety harnesses rope. Using of tall ladders to climb the trees and wearing of non-slip boots are some other safety measures.

Using of safety nets or thick stacks of hay, around the tree, to prevent injury in case of accidental fall has been also recommended in the safety measures.

According to experts if the preventive measures are adhered to,the injuries and deaths due to fall from walnut trees can be stopped. It is important to follow these instructions.

Walnut harvesting is important but the human lives are precious. Harvesting with safety measures should be encouraged.

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