Water- borne diseases

Providing safe drinking water essential
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Reports indicate outbreak of water-borne diseases in some areas of Bandipora and Shopian districts. The local people say that the diseases including Hepatitis-A have been reported, and immediate steps must be taken to stop further spread of the diseases by supplying safe drinking water.

Health officials say while some cases have been reported but the situation is well under control, and not at all alarming. They have advised the people to use safe drinking water and avoid making the sources of water impure and contaminated.

Since the mercury level is soaring there is also an increase in cases like diarrhoea and dysentery. While sometimes taking of unsafe food is the reason for such ailments but at times the unsafe drinking water is also the cause.

All measures should be taken at government and non-government levels so that safe drinking water is provided to people.

The residents on their part must keep the water sources clean by avoiding dumping garbage near such sources. The concerned government department must see to it that all the water supplying plants are effective, working properly and not supplying unsafe water. There is a need for regular checking of the equipments in this connection.

Filtration plants must be in functional state. There are reports of non-functional or defective water filtration plants in some areas. If such reports are correct, then necessary action should be taken so that people do not suffer and do not get affected with water- borne diseases.

If any area needs a filtration plant, it has to be made available there. If any filtration plant is defective, necessary repairs must be carried out. If there is need for a replacement, it too has to be done. Last year some persons, particularly children died due to water borne diseases as Hepatitis-A had affected dozens of people.

However, the situation was brought under control with immediate and effective measures. All efforts should be made so that any person does not lose his life due to these ailments.

The people have to take precautionary measures and avoid taking unsafe water. The concerned department must provide safe drinking water through tankers wherever there is shortage of drinking water. Keeping the water safe for drinking purpose is a collective responsibility.

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