Water logged roads

Proper and effective drainage system is an imperative
This problem is there for decades.
This problem is there for decades. Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Several roads in Srinagar looked like ponds during the heavy rains on Wednesday. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians became difficult on the water logged roads.

The roads got submerged  at a time in the morning when there was huge movement of vehicles on the roads. Large number of people were heading towards their work places and other people were also on move for their other works.

The water logging led to massive traffic jamming on the roads. Intermittent rains continued to occur during the day. Rains cannot be stopped but their impact, like water logging of roads, can be minimised. Submerging of the roads is not something new.

It has been occurring whenever there is heavy rainfall. No solution has yet been found out to save the roads from getting water logged. Going by today's scene on roads, it seems that even the Srinagar smart city project has not been able to find a solution till now.

Ineffective drainage system in various parts of the city is said be the reason for the water logging. This problem is there for decades. Even as lot of development has been made in the city but the problem continues. Time has come to take some firm steps in the direction of solving this problem.

The water logging problem must not a be a permanent thing if the condition of roads has to be made better and movement of people and pedestrians smooth during heavy rains. The concerned departments must coordinate and see to it that a solution is found out.

If the poor drainage system is the main problem, then corrective measures should be taken. The drainage system should be made better. Such steps should be taken immediately and completed in the ongoing summer months.

Surely some significant development is in progress due to the ongoing smart city project. But this development is incomplete if the city does not have a proper and effective drainage system.

If officials can plan and execute big works, improving the drainage system is not a difficult task. This task has to be completed for the best interests of citizens, living in the city.

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