We are all responsible

If we can’t help the needy amongst us, it puts a question mark on our humanity
"Alas! and shame, she chose Jhelum over humans to share her agony and pain with , and jumped into it."
"Alas! and shame, she chose Jhelum over humans to share her agony and pain with , and jumped into it." Special arrangement


"I might look human ,but humanity isn’t known to me”(Mehjoor)

And we are leaving no stone unturned in proving this. Shockingly the incident, which happened few days back has proved that we miserably failed as a society.

The act of this young girl from Sopore, whose penury made her jump in river Jhelum has unmasked all the inhumane substance behind the fake act of humanity.

Are we really lacking this much that our disregard towards her and her family forced her to take her precious life? Poverty made her so disable and forlorn that she couldn’t bear it, she couldn’t share it with anyone.

Alas! and shame, she chose Jhelum over humans to share her agony and pain with , and jumped into it.

According to sources, expertise are roped in to trace the body of young girl, local fishermen, rescue teams, all are trying hard but her body still remains untraceable, till the time of writting these lines. According to her mother, the girl was suffering from depression and sometimes chest pain.

She went to a local doctor for treatment. Also, according to her mother, she only got her one strip of medicine because they couldn’t afford the full. She also added in her statement that doctor advised not to keep her daughter alone and take care of her since she was fighting depression.

Her family conditions were getting worse day by day as her brother’s prolonged ailment would demand a fair amount of money and this poor little girl couldn’t endure this pain.

For all those, who are comfortably living in their palaces and reaping the benefits of luxury, making comments on social media that suicide is not a solution; you people have absolutely nothing to do with it. It is between her and Allah. Rather, question yourself that how much responsible are you for it.

If you are someone who is bestowed with luxuries from Allah, it is your responsibility to check if there was any needy in your area .

Unfortunately, had we Muslims not forgotten our collective ways, this would have never happened. Historically, Bayt al Maal was a financial institution responsible for administration in early Islamic period. It served as royal treasury for caliphs and sultans and further administered distribution of zakat revenues for public works.

How easy it would have been If we followed our good old patterns of collective help. Question yourselves once. How will you show your face, when she will drag you to Almighty? This truly is an insufferable loss to her family.

The author is pursuing her MBBS.

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